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FOUND: The Best White TShirt [8 Tees Compared]

May 9, 2019


Erin Schrader

The struggle is real when it comes to finding your favorite white tee. They’re too sheer, they’re too short, they’re too boxy, they’re too tight, the list goes on and on. Such a simple color, but the simplicity of finding the right one does not come easy! Two years ago we went on this mission [if you missed it, see it here!], but because styles change over time, it was time to update our findings!

We wanted to show these shirts on two different sizes [both general size and bra size], to give you a better representation of how they may look on you! Erin is usually a small in shirts, size 2/4, and DDD cup. Lauren is usually a medium in shirts, size 8/10, and B cup. We learned that the combination of different bras and different chest sizes affected the sheerness quite significantly on these shirts! Fun tip: the more closely your nude bra matches your skin color, the less likely it is to show up!

We rounded up 8 white tees from all different brands, with both loose and flowy to more fitted looks and everything in between. To make things a little simpler, once on – we rated each tee on four categories:

  • Sheerness
  • Overall Fit
  • Overall Quality
  • Appearance

The rating system was 1-5 with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best! We are going to start from least favorite to very favorite. I wouldn’t skip right to the end, however, because as you will read in the notes under each shirt, some of them were a personal preference thing.

Not Worth Spending Your Money On

While we love all of these stores and brands, their white tees just couldn’t pull their weight for our white tee comparison. Whether it was for sheerness, the material, or the quality, we’re suggesting you don’t waste your money on these white tees.


Madewell Tee [Size up for a looser fit – Erin wearing XS, Lauren wearing Medium]

We know the Madewell Whisper Cotton V Neck Pocket Tee is a very popular tshirt, but unfortunately, we just can’t stand behind it anymore. Several of us have owned this tee over the years, and from experience we know that it will get holes in it after regular wear and washing. Every.Single.Time. It also seems like the material has changed over the years, and we don’t love it like we used to due to the quality. It’s CRAZY lightweight, which makes it look and feel super sheer. If you are interested in this shirt, we’d suggest sizing up for a looser fit.

Target – A New Day

Target – A New Day Tee [Size up if in between – Erin wearing Small, Lauren wearing Medium]

Next up is the Target A New Day Fitted Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt. I believe the exact words were “I feel like I had this shirt in middle school” were said. We struggled to put our finger on exactly what it was that made us feel this way, but it was definitely driven by the fit. It wasn’t sheer and the fit itself wasn’t bad, but the cut seems a bit outdated. While we love almost everything Target, we’re not going to be adding this Target top to our closet. If you’re interested in this shirt, size up for a looser fit.


Walmart Time and Tru Tee [Erin wearing Small, Lauren wearing Medium]

Next is the Time and Tru Essential Short Sleeve V-Neck T-Shirt. Our thoughts? No. Just no. The fit, the material. All of it. As soon as we put it on we wanted it off.  It’s made for teen boys, not for boobs. You don’t want it. That’s all. We couldn’t even keep a straight face for this picture.

Somewhere In The Middle

These next two checked the boxes, and we’re definitely not telling you to steer clear. They just didn’t make our top 3. In fact, Erin owned both of these and has worn them a ton! If our top 3 hadn’t joined the comparison, you might be seeing these two as our winners!

Old Navy

Old Navy Tee [True to size – Erin wearing Small, Lauren wearing Medium]

The Old Navy Luxe V Neck Tee is SO soft out of the box. It wasn’t very sheer and the fit was great. It has a cute rounded hemline all the way around! BUT Erin has this top in her closet, and the look and feel of the shirt after several [very gentle] washes verses the brand new top Lauren was wearing was night and day. For this reason, we can’t recommend this as a top contender, because the quality isn’t up to par [unless you never want to wash it! Then definitely buy it 😉 ]

Amazon Daily Ritual

Amazon Daily Ritual Tee [Size up – Erin wearing Small, Lauren wearing Medium- would prefer Large]

If you asked Erin what her go-to white tee was a few weeks ago, she would have told you that it was this Amazon Daily Ritual t-shirt! But now her eyes have been opened, and there’s some new white tees in town! This top wasn’t very sheer, and we were happy with both the fit and quality! It does have a tighter, more clingy fit with a spandex type of feel. But it is super soft, and feels very nice! So if you’re good with a tighter fit, this may be the shirt for you! [We’d recommend sizing up].

Close Contenders

Now for the first and second runner up [that made me feel very pageant-like typing that. Sidenote- go watch Dumplin’ on Netflix! So good! Okay, back to the tshirts]. These two ALMOST made it to number uno, but for one reason or another, didn’t quite make the cut. But we honestly did go back and forth on our decision a few times… that’s how closely we feel about the top 3!


Everlane Tee [Size up if in between – Erin wearing Small, Lauren wearing Medium]

At first, we were laughing at The Everlane Cotton V-Neck because to be honest, it sort of reminded us of a men’s Jockey three-pack. But the more we looked at it and felt it, the more we were okay with that! The fit was honestly pretty spot on, and it was a super lightweight material [similar to Madewell], but without the slub texture. That’s our big concern- would it hold up better than the Madewell! Bonus: Everlane products are ethically made!


Halogen Tee [True To Size, Erin wearing XS, Lauren wearing Medium]

Also a close contender – the Halogen Modal Jersey V-Neck Tee! The material on this was SOO soft. The top half is fitted, but the bottom half was more flow [good for if you’re a bit self conscious with your belly area]. And it has a fun seam down the back of the shirt instead of a seam on each side! It wasn’t too sheer, and we felt like it had good quality to it! We both would probably switch to a petite fit, as there’s definitely quite a bit of extra fabric around the waist!

Our Favorite White Tee!

Drumroll please…. brrrrdrrrrrdrrrrdrrrrdrrrr [<— that’s the sound of my tongue getting its drumroll on]. Our #1 pick, overall favorite, new go-to, winner of the white-tee playoffs IS…..


Loft Tee [Size up if in between – Erin wearing XS, Lauren wearing Medium]

The Loft V-Neck Tee!!!! This shirt is our JAM! It’s a solid material that feels like it’s got some weight to it without being too heavy, and not too thin [aka not going to fall apart after a wash and not going to cling to every bump]. It’s also fitted without being tight [how they do this is a miracle]. It’s also a super soft material, and not sheer! Basically, this is our dream tee and we want it in every color. We’d recommend sizing up if in between!

There you have it, our 2019 White Tee Comparison! Did your favorite white tee make the list or have you been on the hunt for your new go-to as well?

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