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Love, Yellow

October 6, 2013


Erin Schrader

I’m starting to feel like these Love, Yellow reveals are my favorite posts of the month. It’s kinda like this–I show up naked, you have no idea what you are about to see, and then BAM. I leave clothed in one of my favorite looks. Fortunately for you I leave the actual “naked” scene out of the posts. Especially fortunate because I just ate a box of macaroni and cheese (shocker) and drank the un-diet type of Pepsi.

If you recall, October’s theme was “the perfect fall scarf”–so that’s what I set out to find. And in my (not so) humble opinion, I think I found it.

I went with an infinity scarf because it’s cuteness never runs out, hence the infinity part. Combine that with the aquas, oranges, and browns and I introduce to you to the true perfect fall scarf. But because a scarf doesn’t cover all parts of you, I figured I should throw in a shirt with it. Going with my naked theme, I thought this top was superb–covers in the areas that need it (ie: stomach) and exposes the parts that don’t have stretch marks all over them (ie: arms). The top even had a versatile cami paired with it so really, it’s a two for one type of deal. Anytime you can get two for one, do it. I don’t care if it’s clothing, food, drugs, anything. If it’s a good deal, you just have to.

Also, that was a joke about the drugs.

Here’s the complete look…

I hope those of you who received your Love, Yellow order this month adore it as much as I do. Not playing favorites here or anything, but this one may be one of my favorites. Now if only I can top this next month…

Speaking of next month, it’s time to announce November’s theme. Without further ado I present to you..
a cozy sweater“. Yup, it’s true. Sweater season is making its arrival and Love, Yellow wants to make sure you are prepared. Sweaters are kinda my jam because hello, they scream “cuddle me–I am in a sweater and I am soft and I am cozy so come here and just wrap me up in your love!!” or at least that’s what I imagine they would scream if they could talk.

Keep in mind that quantities are now limited on Love, Yellow and last month we sold out within 48 hours so that means one thing–act fast. Here are the details for what you need to know!

1. Every month I will be selecting two items (a clothing item and a coordinating accessory) from miss chic that I am absolutely in love with to send to you. Every package will be the same, however you will not know what the items are until you receive them. Why? Because surprises are fun. None of the items I select will be available for sale at www.shopmisschic.com. Included in every package will also be a picture of how I’ve styled what you’ve received along with a handwritten little note from moi. Quantities are now limited so it is first come first serve. If you know you want to participate for the month I would strongly suggest getting your order in quickly as we would hate to see you miss out. 

2. The second week of every month I will announce a new theme. November’s theme is a cozy sweaterYou have one week from today to place your order. Just let us know your size and we’ll work hard to get the perfect fit for you! Every month the cost is the same ($42) which is a great value considering you will be receiving an entire “look” to go out in. This is not a subscription as it is totally up to you if you are interested in that month’s theme! 

3. Your order will be shipped out the first business day of the following month. If you love the items, great! If you don’t..send any or all of the items back just simply pay the return shipping! 

4. Sizing runs small through large. Please view the sizing chart for accurate measurements so we can ensure you get the right size! 

5. For all inquiries/questions regarding your order, sizing, shipping, returns, etc please contact miss chic directly. While I’d love to help you, I simply choose the items that you are receiving! 

6. We would love for you to spread the word on social media if you are participating for the month! Use the hashtag #loveyellow to let us know you ordered–to show off your items when you receive them–and of course, when you are out and about wearing them! 

And there we have it. Sweaters–get ready, you are about to be the most popular thing on this blog over the next 30 days. 
Thoughts on Octobers’s choice? Excited about November’s theme? Have any suggestions for future months? I’d love to hear it in the comments below.


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