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South Haven: Take Two

September 20, 2013


Erin Schrader

Well, another day is upon us which means another daily recap of our most recent South Haven trip is in store. I don’t know why I am breaking this up into several days but that’s just the way you are getting it. Actually I do know why. I took about a million and twelve pictures and this blog is the only place that ever sees any photo action (sorry twelve random frames hanging in our house with nothing in them), so this is where I’m sticking them. Right here for the world (ie: me and a few family members) to enjoy. You could blame me for having a few boring posts about this trip but then you would have to blame South Haven and my nieces for being so cute to look at.

The first full day we woke up to my mom playing the role of superwoman making french toast, bacon, eggs, and every other artery clogging piece of food you could find. Turns out eating granola bars for breakfast is pretty anticlimactic after this treatment.

A few cuddles, showers, and “OH MY GOSH JUST LET ME BLOW DRY MY HAIR WITHOUT CHEWING THAT TOOTH BRUSH” yells at those precious little nieces of mine and we were all set to head into town.

Coffee was drank, little cute home decor items were bought, and pigs in a blanket were consumed.

We then headed back to the house to admire the men perfecting the art of playing cards while drinking, babies who decided to call it quits for the day by throwing the towel in (or in this case over their heads), and dogs who are still lucky to be alive.

After enough chaos it was time for…”MEN WE ARE GOING TO THE BAR!” I made the executive decision in that moment that I was a man and journeyed off with the boys to do our thing. Which is apparently fall asleep while sitting there because that is exactly what my dad decided to do. Have you ever had a waitress ask somebody at your table if they needed anything else and you all just kinda stare for a minute or two to figure out if they are actually still alive or are just in deep thought about if they truly need anything else? Thankfully he was alive! We celebrated by having a drink.

A little later on I hijacked somebody’s deck (no but really, I did.. I have no clue who’s house it was but they had a great deck overlooking the lake so clearly I had to capitalize on this chance…) and consumed some coffee. It was pretty much like perfection only more perfect.

That evening we headed out to dinner which consisted of onion rings and oh my gosh Parmesan crusted chicken in a pepper jack Alfredo sauce. The oh my gosh is necessary beforehand because it was that good.

Last but not least, we topped off the day with something better than RumChata and coffee–a good ole fashioned sunset overlooking Lake Michigan. Sometimes I try to think if anything is better than that and well, nope. I’ve come up with nothing. Oh wait. My chicken with pepper jack Alfredo sauce. That was better.

South Haven day two, over and out. The last day will be making its way to a blog near you soon. Try not to explode with excitement, I understand it’s thrilling material and all but seriously–just try to calm down. 

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