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Wear: Flourish

July 10, 2013


Erin Schrader

Remember that one evening when I attended a fancy fashion show as part of my blogger due diligence to you readers? Well, I promised you back then that I would show you all what I picked up from that night at Flourish. I like to make only non-materialistic promises. Turns out they had enough cuteness to cause my husband to have to take nearly 100 photos of me in the below outfits. Don’t worry, I looked terrible in 91 of them so you only get the following. Remind me to do an entire post sometime on those other 91 pictures. If you’ve ever wanted to see me talking with my eyes closed while grabbing the side of my head you are in luck! 
Onto the items I snagged up. 
First, lets start with this little diddy. The skirt my husband loves to hate. I mean how? I am convinced this has to be in my top 5 as far as clothing pieces in my closet go now. A sequiny pastely skirt of goodness that goes with a white tee?! Sold. Yes I know sequiny and pastely are not technically real words but neither is amazeballs and I’m not one to judge on what words should or shouldn’t be allowed in the English language. If you can say it it’s a word. Obvs. Back to the skirt. 

 tee // treasure map skirt
Next up was this dreamsicle dress, chosen based on the name alone. Anything that screams “lick me” needs to be in my closet. Never mind. But I mean seriously. As you can tell I am diggin’ the whole sequin sparkly goodness these days. Pair it off with some of the cutest jewels on the market + nude heels and wham bam thank you mam, life is complete. 

necklace // bracelet // dress // heels
And last but not least, my little firecracker outfit. I’m just going to point out the fact that I forgot to change out  of my strapless bra for this outfit. I am only pointing this out so you know why my ladies are down to my bellybutton. Freakin’ strapless bras, what purpose do you serve anyhow? Moving on. This skirt. Blue and white striped anything is not a question in my mind on whether it should be owned or not. Top it off with a red (or white) tank and America loves you as much as you love it. Just remember to put the necessary undergarments on so you can be celebrating the Northern region of the US instead of the Southern. 
Ya heard? 

blue striped skirt
And that completes my fabulous Flourish finds. Well technically I found a heck of a lot more than the above, I just wasn’t “allowed” to bring more home. Lucky for you however, Flourish and I are giving you full permission to purchase anything your heart desires. That’s right ladies, no longer do you need your mans permission, you have mine. Combine my right to buy along with a 25% discount (YELLOW25) and you can go buck wild. Oh but wait, there is more. Right now if you purchase in the next 12 minutes you will be put into a drawing for a $100 gift card…..Okay so I just wanted to sound like an infomercial for a few seconds but part of that was true. The $100 gift card part. That’s right, Flourish is giving you a chance to win some money to spend at their shop. And to that we say, holler. Oh and thank you of course. Enter on friends. 


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