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American Blogger: The Taping

July 9, 2013


Erin Schrader

And just like that, the taping for American Blogger is complete. After a lot of “ummmms”, “I need wine”, “can we do the cupid shuffle?”, and “am I supposed to be smiling right now?!”s it is all said and done. If I could summarize this whole experience in one word I would say this, fun. It really was so enjoyable. Chris, the man behind American Blogger, could not have been more relaxing and chill to hang around with. This is good for those of us who tend to get nervous when having a camera shoved in our face. 

We started the morning off at our house for just some interview type stuff and then I took him all over God’s green earth. Turns out Chris wasn’t all that familiar with Amish and was somewhat fascinated with what they had to offer (ie: horses, buggys, cornfields, baked goods, etc). We went to my aunt’s local antique/quilt shop, ate lunch with my mom, dad, sister, and two nieces, then traveled on over to my friends shop, miss chic. Somewhere in between I learned of Chris’s awesome guitar skills so I made sure he put that baby to good use. I also may or may not have interviewed him with my high end hairbrush microphone for Instagram.
I am so excited for the finished product…there will be a total of around 50 bloggers/shop owners featured in this documentary. To get to hear from so many different voices and their viewpoints/struggles/highlights with blogging is going to be so fun. I believe the film will make its debut on iTunes come early Fall. Don’t fret, I will fill you in when it is available. 
Thank you Chris and Casey for this amazing opportunity and for being such influential and inspirational rode models to this online community. To see people live out their passions in such a beautiful way is truly inspiring Having the chance to share in a little bit of your dreams is such a privilege.

I’m Erin, and I’m an American Blogger…..
(spoken in my best ..”you think you know, but you have no idea..” MTV Diary Of voice..)
ps. make sure to follow along with both Casey and Chris on instagram for live updates of his travels!

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