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Awkward and Awesome Thursday

February 21, 2013


Erin Schrader

earrings that are more awesome than awkward from icravejewels

Back approximately 712 days ago, I used to do a little thing around here called Awkward and Awesome Thursdays. The idea was completely stolen from The Daybook but hey, it was a good idea.
Some of you used to enjoy those posts—heck, I enjoyed those posts..but just like any routine in my life, I made sure I didn’t continue it on for more than several months. Doing such a thing is harmful for my spontaneous spirit. Or at least that’s the excuse I tell myself when I find myself failing in another (ie: all) scheduled commitments. Speaking of that…

1. Showing up to Bible Study and Book Club week after week, month after month, with neither the bible study done or book read. I suppose this is only awkward from an “oh hey look—there’s that girl who didn’t do anything again, but at least she showed up to discuss…absolutely nothing!” type of way. I just like to think of it as showing up to be one heck of an active listener. Sometimes it’s best to show up to discuss something and have no preconceived opinion formed..or something like that. Right. I should just stop slacking and just commit to my commitments. 

2. Walking into a three stall bathroom and having somebody plopped down right in the middle stall. First off, WHO CHOOSES THE MIDDLE STALL? This allows no option but to sit down in the stall right next to them in pure utter silence. Apparently utter silence stops any flow that I was hoping for. This then results in me tapping my fingers, humming, and praying some really desperate pee prayer. However the minute that stream starts and the silence is no longer, fist pumps abound. I’m assuming from both me and the person in the middle stall. BATHROOMS JUST STOP BEING SO AWKWARD ALREADY. 

3. Waking up in the middle of the night (while sleeping on the carpet in between the couch and coffee table..it sounded like a good idea?) to a remote crashing down on my eye bone. My husband who happened to be on the couch claims he had no part in this, I’m not buying it. This is the same man who donkey kicked me in my leg during the middle of the night recently. Any time you find yourself waking up while yelling “OUCH” on several occasions, it’s a sign you need to find yourself a new sleeping partner. Not that I’m looking or anything if you are reading Luke Bryan…  

4. Babies that sport the same hairstyle as a 90 year old woman. I really wish I could show you a picture of what I am talking about right now but all of you who yelled at me last time I posted a picture of a random child would hate me. If you ever meet me, just ask to see my phone wallpaper. It’s that good. 

5. Taking your Christmas tree down in mid February. You start questioning if it’s even worth it at this point. I’m still not convinced it was.


1. Mark Cuban. You guys. I just love him. He happened to be on The Howard Stern Show after work tonight so this is what our household looked like. 
Aside from being a billionaire the man LIVES life. The billion dollars may have something to do with it, but either way I’m diggin’ it. He said two things that I had to write down (yes I took notes during the Howard Stern Show). One thing was about following your dreams… He said “Follow your efforts..not your dreams” and well, I thought it was pretty brilliant. Another great one was “Today is the youngest you are ever going to be…live like it.” I’ll toast to that. 
2. The fact that February means it’s almost March which means it’s almost April which means it’s almost July. 
ocean..it’s just a matter of weeks and I will be making you all mine again
3. This past week was Giuliana and I’s one year anniversary. I never thought I would be celebrating an anniversary with another woman but I’m not going to lie..I’m okay with it. She’s hot. 
4. My first “fix” should be showing up at my doorstep any minute now. Note to husband: Do NOT (and I repeat do not) ask how much any of the items cost. The entire house will benefit if you listen to this piece of advice. 
5. It’s 8:30 pm and I am chugging coffee like it won’t keep me up all night!

And that’s another round of awkward and awesome. It should be noted that my life has not been as weird as I prefer lately. I’ve gotta put myself out there more.. surely somebody has to fall in front of me one of these days…

Today’s featured “I could talk to this girl for hours and hours and hours” on video chat (okay so maybe we do..) is Lauren from Stylelixir

If she doesn’t make you feel ugly I don’t know who will 😉 Just kidding. You aren’t ugly. Where do I begin with her? She’s one of those “bloggers of all blogs” to me. I don’t even really know what that means other than “I think she is completely awesome”. She had me when she taught me how to look like my other half, Giuliana Rancic. If you want to know something…anything, Lauren is your lady. From the top workouts to try, the most delicious looking “go to” recipe, to one of the hottest style link-ups in blog land, Lauren has you covered. 

Every Tuesday be sure to check out “Style Sessions” and link up any outfit//Pinterest inspiration//style ANYTHING. It’s the cool thing to do. It has been so much fun getting to know Lauren on a personal level..I trust you will find just as much enjoyment in it as I have. 

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