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Chuck Chuck Bo Buck Banana Fana Fo…

February 20, 2013


Erin Schrader


Well well well….look who is back again. 
You may remember this man and his blogging debut from a few months ago. 
Apparently he had so much fun the first time around, he thought he would come back for more (that or you all acted like you liked him better than me so he now feels like it is his obligatory responsibility). 
Either way, sit back and laugh your head off at my father and all of this ridiculousness. 
Father, I mean that in the best way possible. You are funny. Keep up the good work… 
“Hi” or” Hey” LIY Readers,
It’s E’s Dad here again. I thought it was about time to get the old ‘creative juices” rolling again. By the way the last time I blogged, which was also the first time I blogged on Erin’s blog I think I failed to mention my name; HI, I’m Chuck. On a side note, one game I did not play with my girls when they were young was the name game. I mean we did once in a while, but not with my name, if you know what I mean. For those of you that don’t know the tune or chant, it went something like this; for instance let’s use Erin’s name. Erin, Erin, bo, berin. Banana, fana, fo, Ferin. fe, fi, fo, fo, merin. Erin. It was sung along to a sing, songy, tune. So then you would substitute like my name of Chuck and the result was, well not too good when you got to the banana part. Anyway, hello, my name is Chuck. Chuck, Chuck, Bo Buck, Banana, fana, fo, ……….
More info about me: since it’s all about me, today. Right?
I like to ride bike. I ride a Trek, all carbon, 5500 model. It’s a used road bike, about 10 years old. 
During the spring, summer and fall we ride about 20 miles a day, sometimes more, never less. My wife, Barb, Erin’s Mom, likes to ride too. She started riding last summer and loves it. We love to ride both on the road and on the trails. Part of our regular riding route is called the Pumpkin Vine Trail. It used to be an old railroad line that ran from Goshen to Sturgis. Actually when I was a teenager I used to unload railroad cars of lumber out of the old boxcars. It was a hot, hot job and I learned how to work, plus gather about 8,000 eggs a day (we had 12,000 chickens when I was a kid, started do to chores when I was six, learned how to work there too). So now we get to ride our bikes on the trail the old train used to go down. It’s neat because it goes through Amish country. We see camels and lots of Pilgrims. I also ride with a group of guys and we go by the Wild Pigs. (You know Wild Hogs, the movie- Harley- Davidson motorcycles). So we’re the Wild Pigs – you know bicycles, Trek, Cannondale and Specialized. Anywhere from six to twenty riders can go out each night we ride. Its fun, it keeps you in shape and its male bonding, except for the nights our wives ride along with us, those nights we have to be nice and can’t say stupid male stuff! If we do we pay for it like mad!
I love music. All kinds. Mostly I love the Blues, Classic Rock and Roll, Jazz, you name it.  Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, B.B., Grand Funk Railroad, just to name a few. Plus I like to listen to Culturally, Progressive Music on 91.1 The Globe. This radio station was voted the nation’s best college radio station in the nation in 2011 or maybe it was last year. At any rate they play great music. They are an NPR station broadcasting from the campus of Goshen College, Goshen Indiana. I believe their web is www.globeradio.org. Check them out as you can listen live on the internet. I’m lost in the 80’s and 90’s with how I listen to my music as all my music are on CD’s. I have a three hundred CD disc carousal, kind of like the old juke boxes. It’s filled to the max with, you name it, and I’ve got it. What’s an I- Pod anyhow? Love music.
More info:
I’ve been married to my wife now for 36 years. We raised two daughters, both turned out to be just fine, was worried about the youngest one at first, she was a pigeon toe walker and a little pientzer at that! 
We love the part of our lives we find ourselves in today as we enjoy our two granddaughters, son in laws and daughters. Much love in this family. Great fam. We love to travel, especially to Kauai and Asheville and anyplace else we can get to. Hope to see you some day.  Well, gotta go now. No I really gotta go now! It’s hell getting old!
Love you all. Erin’s Dad.


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