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Sweats + Sparkles

December 11, 2012


Erin Schrader

Little time to talk tonight folks..
I’ve been at the North Pole all evening.
North Pole, my kitchen…tomato, tomato.
I really hate that you can’t get the full effect of tomato, tomato when it’s typed out.
Any recommendations on how to get the “wow” factor into that statement, let me know.
Back to why I can’t stay long tonight.
It’s nearing 10 pm and I’ve got a little bit of a mess on my hand.
I blame the following.
Tonight I had a few of my lady friends over to make those layered jar things.
I am assuming there is a better name for what we created than “layered jar things” but because I am fancy, I am sticking with that verbage.
Speaking of fancy, I went all out on my outfit for the evening.
 tank: Old Navy//Sweatpants: stolen from my husband
All of the sparkle really tricks the eye into thinking I have on some high end premium denim and not my husbands old sweatpants that I may have ruined with paint.
Fashion post that shaz up.
Up above you may notice my dog hanging out on my head.
I told my friends she liked it. They didn’t believe me. Turns out they were right.
Anyhow, we did make cute things tonight. Like babies with our husbands for instance.
That’s a joke people.
I take that back. The girl on the far right did make a baby with her husband. Hence the bump.
Real quick–speaking of making babies…check out this ridiculously (awesome) pillow Veronika sent me in the mail today.
If that isn’t the best thing you’ve ever seen, I am not sure what is. And yes, it’s totally staying in our living room from now on.
Okay well that’s all for now. Tomorrow I’ll actually be back with legit photos of what we created and maybe share a recipe or two for you. You know, so you can dress up in sparkles and sweatpants with your friends.
Just remember if you do—don’t forget the wine and the Holiday stamps. Both will come in handy.
Night night friends.
Or in the words of myself tonight….”BYEEEEEE BUDDDDDDDY”
This may have been said after I got done soaring through the house exclaiming lots of other fun Christmas banter.
Gosh my husband has it good.
Oh about him, I informed him tonight “You have to make big deals out of little things”.
He replies with “Well you are certainly good at that”.
I wanted to say something hilarious in response buuuuuuuuuut…..I also wanted to live to see tomorrow.
If you haven’t thought of a hilarious response to that comment yet, you need to get out on the streets more. Or maybe I just need to get back in church more. You’re right..second one wins.


Now that you are done reading this ridiculousness, don’t forget to snatch up the cutest gifts for the cutest people in your lives (ie: you).


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