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A Day In The Life…

December 10, 2012


Erin Schrader

A few months ago (which is basically eternity in blogger terms), I saw over on The Hollie Rogue where she captured her day in photos. Basically a picture an hour. Or in my case, ten pictures every fifteen minutes..A “photo journal” of sorts you may say. Being that I love taking pictures, I figured this was a great thing to try. 
It only took 30 minutes for my husband to think otherwise. 25 minutes longer than I was expecting so I would consider that a victory for the day. 
Anyhow, I decided to try this whole photo journaling thing this past Saturday. Fortunately I had the day off from work so I figured it would be a good day for me to do it. I can only imagine how exciting a picture an hour at my desk would be…
So here we go, a typical Saturday spelled out in 33 photos. 
Yes, 33. 
I know it’s verging on the side of obnoxious…buuuuuut I’m always verging on the side of obnoxious, so it only seems fitting. Enjoy. 

At this point we were headed to the lake to do some much needed work…just fy-izzer.

Except I decided we needed to make a few pit stops along the way…..

This pie would eventually put me in a food coma and cause me to crash on my friends floor later in the evening…

Naturally as we driving along, I made my husband stop the car–get out in the rain–and take pictures of my new favorite tee from Mingo Ink. It’s what us bloggers do. 

I am rather obsessed at the moment. Or should I say…in love. A quality v-neck that also makes a statement? Swoon.

Finally we arrived at the lake and I was able to plug in our new lamp. A celebratory moment if I don’t say so myself. 
Back on our home turf…which means I head directly to the bathtub. Always. 

Off to our friends for the evening for a little Christmas dinner of sorts.

This is the best we could get. Our faces like to blur the camera. I think it’s the cameras way of saying “Hey yo girl–go blot the grease off your face…”

Cutting into that pie I mentioned earlier….probably one of the better moments of the day. 
I was trying to be the Christmas tree skirt….

Annnnnnd we returned home. Please note the same orange I sliced at 8 am sitting out. Sometimes I have this condition called “I don’t clear off the counter”.

And there we have it.
My day in an extremely long nutshell.

What’s your’s look like? Link up below–add this baby to your post full of pictures–and show the world what a typical 24 hours in your hood looks like. I can’t wait to see it.

Oh and hey, real quick–for any and ALL Christmas gifts, check out this shop. I die at the cuteness. Die.


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