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Turns Out I Also Hoard Shoes.

March 10, 2012


Erin Schrader

What you are about to read is a real email conversation that took place between my best friend in Nashville and I. It was not intended for uses on this blog.
However, intentions can change, and in this case–it has been changed.

Yes, that would be her. The one I am crushing.
Me: How are you chicken nugget?!? Is it warm there? If you say yes, I will bash your cute face in.
Friend: Haha it is–but it’s raining cats n dogs yo!! How’s your day?!?
Me: I wish it was raining babies and lollipops. That would be cuter. My day is good here-
I bought three pairs of heels at Kohls on lunch. WOOPS.
Friend: Shut up!! I need a pic stat!!! What do they look like and do I need them??
Me: Yes, you probably need them. Colors are as follows—coral, turquoise, and nude. Clearly nude being the most fascinating (based solely on the name) And you know what, I will put up pictures tomorrow on my blog. Just for you. I would text you a picture but my phone picture quality is that of a cat. Aka it sucks. A whole freakin’ blog post on shoes just for you. How does that sound la cucaracha?
So here I am, keeping my promises to that little chicken head.
Heres the deal guys–
This homegirl needs to stop shopping.
Its either that or divorce papers will show up on my doorstep any day now.
And y’all know that can’t happen—word on the street is divorce is expensive these days.
Expensive means my shopping trips would end abruptly.
So really we’re looking at a lose-lose situation here.
Stay married-stop shopping.
Get divorced-stop shopping.
And because I like his butt, eyes, smile, and everything else about him–
I suppose I’ll stay with the man 😉
Today it’s shoes.
Turns out I’ve been stockpiling over the past few weeks subconsciously.
Some people think the necessary items to stockpile are canned goods, gas masks, and iodine pills.
I opt for shoes.
I mean seriously, who wants their feet to get dirty when the world is ending?
Can you imagine getting to Heaven and having to ask where the bathtub is so you can clean your feet?
That’d be awkward.
Anyhow, after your response on the dresses {holy comments yo.}
I figured you’d enjoy meeting these new friends of mine.
I am so glad to know you beloved readers get a “kick” out of material goods every now and again.
{White House Black Market–Thrifted}
Mark my words—I am done shopping.
Until Kohls is having another sale….
Which I think is right now.
Peace out.
Happy Saturday Sole Sisters.

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