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Thoughts On Blog Design {And How To Win Your Own Blog Makeover}

March 28, 2012


Erin Schrader

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it once again.

The appearance of your blog is so {so} important.
Okay, I just lied.

I don’t think I have ever said that before.

But my gosh, I have sure thought it.
Listen up folks.
I know that it is the content of your blog that makes people come back time and time again.
But it is what they SEE upon landing on your page that makes the decision on how long they will stay on that little blog of yours.
If they don’t stay, they don’t realize how cool you really are.
If they do stay, they fall in love.
It is kinda like a first date with a guy.
If he shows up at your door stop looking like a haggard sopping wet mess, you will probably disregard everything he has to say all night. {I don’t know how I just came up with sopping wet mess but it sounded good. If you ever have a date show up sopping wet and it wasn’t raining out, we have other issues.}
If that gentleman shows up to your door step looking like Channing Tatum, you will listen to what he has to say. Even if he isn’t speaking.
Those eyes. My gosh.
What was I saying?


Blog appearance.
It’s important.
Here is a fact:
I have passed up many of excellent blogs because their was no visual appeal.
I can’t help it my eyes like pretty things.
Sad but true.
With all that being said, there are many ways to get your blog in tip top shape.
This world is full of talented people {and much smarter people than you and I. Your right. Just I} that know how to get this done for you.
Say for instance, this company.

Also known as “World’s Cutest Blog Designs” in my book.

Here is what you need to know about Cherry On Top.
Melissa {blog designer extraordinaire} recently opened Cherry On Top because she loves two things.
Makes sense she would open up a design shoppe for blogs right?

Cherry On Top offers everything under the sun.
Complete blog designs, ala carte options {think custom header, button, signature}, etc.
You want it, you got it.

Not only that but Melissa also offers complete Etsy brand packaging. This includes a Shop Blog design, custom logo, business card design, letterhead design, packaging design, and more!
Etsy shop owners can I hear a “Holler”

Here is what I am getting at.
Today you can win….{this is good…wait for it..}

Uh yes, you read right.
A whole freakin’ new blog design.
The whole bit gang.
Thats a $125 value.
I only have one word for this.

Cooler yet is regardless if you win or not, Melissa is offering you fine folks a discount just for being awesome. Don’t you love her already?

I know you want to enter this giveaway.
Here is how.

Visit Cherry on Top Blog Shoppe and then leave a comment below with a sentence of what colors their “dream blog design” would consist of!

{Want to know mine? Yellows, Aquas, and Pinks. You may or may not be seeing this soon ;)..}

Additional Entries {leave a comment for each & every thing you did}:
-Follow Cherry on Top blog
-Follow Cherry on Top Blog Shoppe on Twitter
-Follow Cherry on Top on Facebook
-Follow Melissa’s personal blog 20 Going On 80
-Follow Living In Yellow
-Blog, Tweet, Facebook, about this giveaway!

….That’s 7 entries friends. Do em’ all.

Winner will be chosen and announced on Wednesday, April 4th.

Get hoppin’ and best of luck.

Your blog is about to be smokin’.

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