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March 29, 2012


Erin Schrader

If I said to you “I think I want to write a book…”
Would you think I am crazy?
You know–
Like one of those funny ones.
With all sorts of short stories. And Dear Erin, questions. And advice. And any crazy little tid-bits I feel like throwing in there.
It’d pretty much be my blog on steroids.
Think along these lines…

Except it would have my face on it.
Or I could leave hers. I mean shoot, she is a Cover Girl after all.

Anyhow, I kinda want to write a book.
As soon as I find time that is.
Which may be never….it seems to have escaped me lately.
But…if I do find that thing called time, expect it to happen.
As soon as I find a publisher.
And then people to buy it.
So somebody, please…I need time, a publisher, and readers.
That’s all I need.
And maybe financing too.
Yep, that’s it.
Easy right?

You know what else is easy?
These ladies.
Haha, okay that was a joke. {Is it just me or does writing “haha” on a blog post seem weird?}
Well shoot, maybe they are easy? I have no idea.
Kidding ladies.
Regardless of how easy they are, I know one thing.
They are awesome.
And you know how I feel about awesome…

I’m Tiffany and this is who I am: I have crushes on video game characters. I talk and have sung in my sleep once. I’m married to a military man and constantly learning how to make my marriage the best it can be. I go through my day planning out a playlist of songs that would make my life into a wicked cool movie. And I have the coolest job ever, which is throwing pamper parties with Perfectly Posh products. I’m a beautiful mess, but that’s how God created me 😉


Tales of Grace is about a little girl called “G” and her crazy mama, Rachel. G was a surprise baby, but a welcomed surprise non the less! Rachel’s a bit of a wildcard and constantly struggles with not punching strangers in the face. Cake decorating and crafting are a few of our favorite things, but we’ll settle for a few Real Housewives reruns any day. The adventures of a stay at home Momma aren’t always graceful at Tales of Grace, but are always hilarious. Come by and see whats shakin’. 

G herself.
Blog       Facebook     Twitter
K peeps.
Time to go visit those wonderful lady friends of mine.
And seriously.
Should I write a book?

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