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Coffee, Books, and Clothes…{And New Blog Design}

September 28, 2011


Erin Schrader

Well, hello there.
Welcome to my new page….you like?
I love.
And if you don’t…then get off of this blog asap.
Ha. Just kidding.
No but seriously…go click the red X in the top right hand corner immediately if you don’t 😉
Actually don’t…because if you do-you won’t get to see the cutest thing to ever hit the planet.
I would like to introduce you to Hannah from Coffee, Books, and Clothes.
She is super sweet and has a fabulous blog.
Check it..
First off I’d like to say thanks to Erin!!!
She is AWESOME and I’m kinda obsessed with her blog… 🙂
I am so excited to be guest blogging today, so let me start off by saying hello…
Hi. I’m Hannah and I’m from Coffee Books & Clothes!

As you can probably guess my blog is about 3 things…

I blog about these three (and I try not to go too far off on a tangent).
Here are some random things about me:
  • I am a senior in high school, going through the long and grueling college application process right now (wish me luck!)
  • I love iced and blended coffee drinks
  • I am freakishly obsessed with Harry Potter
  • Though my style is constantly evolving, it is very classic and feminine
  • I collect miniature Buddhas (currently I have 14)
  • I work at Pump It Up – an inflatable bounce house for little kids to have party (it’s fun, but exhausting!)
  • I mostly like alternative and rock music, but I’ll listen to everything
  • I’m obsessed with classic novels – I think a lot of older novels are better than contemporary literature
  • I’m very silly, crazy, and awkward, but I like to think I’m kinda smart, pretty, and funny 🙂
I’m new to the blog-o-sphere, but I love getting to know other bloggers and readers. I hope you like my blog and thanks so much for reading 🙂

P.S.  I love to do photobooth message posts, like I did in these pictures 🙂
Okay, let’s be serious for a minute: How cute of an idea was that?
Is it okay that I am a wee bit jealous I’ve never thought to do something so genius before?
Anyhow-go check her blog out here for more awesome greatness.
I’m off now to go cuddle my lovebug arms around my man…
Or a bowl of popcorn.
Whichever sounds better at the time….
Talk to you soon kitten britches 🙂

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