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Sometimes I Can’t Think Of Titles…

September 27, 2011


Erin Schrader

I am trying to be really excited about this post.
Like trying quite hard.
But it feels like there is a little man camping out inside my stomach tearing my insides out.
And I want to kill that little man insanely bad right now…which kinda hinders my excitement.
Not only that-but the moment I forget my insides hate me, I look in the mirror and notice mountains have decided to land on my face.

Remind me again why women get the shaft when it comes to monthly cycles?
Oh that’s right-men are wimps and can’t handle the pain.
I almost forgot that point but was quickly reminded when I just heard my husband say for the 298th time that his back hurts.
Poor thing.

Okay, seriously-how annoyed are you by now of my complaining?
Me too.
Which is why I am genuinely excited to write this post now…

But we’ll go with it.
And we’ll go with the randomness brewing in my brain, mmmmmk?
1. I ran two red lights today. On the 2nd one I fist pounded and shouted
“Boooo yah, that’s two lights I’ve blown through today!”
Take that cops.
2. Remember this post where I gushed about the trip we are going on for our 5 year anniversary?

Guess who is now in full out preparation mode for said trip?
{Definition of Full Out Preparation: I am now “thinking” about all the cute outfits I NEED to go buy-
I am “thinking” that I should start working out-
and I am definitely NOT thinking about eating this for lunch straight out of the carton
Yeah, I would never do that. Again.}

3. I somehow found this today:
It made me jump for joy.
My jumping actually consisted of emailing my husband the link with saying something along the lines of “amazeballs”
What I’m trying to say is that I think I am cool because people have pinned stuff off my blog.
It doesn’t take much people. Doesn’t take much.
4. I spray painted for the first time yesterday.
Jigggaa whaaaaaaaaaat?
Things are gettin’ serious.
Keep the excitement in your pants, the project will be revealed soon.
5. My friend and I split a bottle of wine the other night.

A little while later, I found myself in front of an Arby’s drive thru.
After 4 minutes of laughing so hard that I could not say a single word-I ordered a Jamocha.
And then felt like a high school student who just had their first sip of Smirnoff.
Poor Arby’s worker-if you are reading, I apologize.
Not for the wine because that was good, but for your time that was wasted listening to what probably sounded like a Hyena bellowing across the speaker.
Good work on the Jamocha though.

6. Thank you for all of your kind comments in regards to my grandma’s passing.
I’ve always known you guys are thebomb.com, but you proved it all over again.
You make my heart smile and I thank you for that.
Okay, that’s all the Rando Mc-Nando I’ve got for the time being.
Oh, what’s that you just said stomach?
You still hurt?
Bath Numero Dos for the day….I’m back and ready to attack.

Ahhhhh, much better.

Now go do something a lot more exciting than what you just spent the last 10 minutes doing.
You’ll be glad you did.

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