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8 Amazon Houseplants You Can’t Kill!

April 12, 2023


Jen Marrs

Plant Lover Sweatshirt // Disco Ball Planter

“Just one more” …. that’s what I tell my husband often when we sees me coming in from the garage with yet, another plant! It’s me, crazy plant lover Jen! I’m so excited to share my top 8 Amazon Plants that I have been able to keep alive! That’s right, they are still thriving babes! I am by no means a professional plantist[did I just make that word up, I sure did!] But I sure do like to pretend I am!

Maybe you have no idea what plant to buy? Where to even start, but you want to join the green world and add a pop of adulthood into your home that isn’t plastic. That’s where this post comes in handy! I’ve found the easiest to care for plants… and the best part is, they are all from Amazon! That’s right, you don’t even have to head out to a nursery to start creating your green paradise!

Now why live plants? Once I drop some of these benefits, you’ll be asking yourself: “Why did it take me so long to jump on the live plant train” … Ready?

1. Plants improve the air quality in your home.
2. Plants lower your stress and anxiety.
3. Plants have an effect that lifts the spirit and brings happiness.
4. Plants boost productivity and creativeness.
5. Plants increases concentration and memory.

So here we go friends, 8 of the easiest to care of houseplants from Amazon! All are ready to thrive in your home, which one will you be adding to your cart?

Pothos // Spider // Snake // Rattlesnake // Jade // Monstera // Chinese Evergreen // Aloe Vera

Now that you have your plant picked out, we need a pot + accessories! These are a few of my favorites!

4 pack pots // 3 pack pots // 3 pack speckled pots
black & tan pot // white & gold pot // mid-century stand // macrame hanger // leather hanger
black watering pitcher // glass mister // supporting sticks // water bulbs

Now that you have the indoor space dialed, have you thought about starting a garden? We also have you covered there with helpful tips… give it a go, I see some carrots in your future salads 😉

Always remember: What you water, grows.

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