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My Latest ULTA Beauty Haul

April 12, 2023


Erin Schrader

Disclosure: Thank you to Collective Voice and ULTA Beauty for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, used, and loved by yours truly.

Some people have hobbies that involve things like: mountain climbing, gardening, and baking. Mine looks a little more like getting in my car, going on a drive, and walking into a store to see what I can get my hands on. Sure, it may not be the most cost-effective hobby but I’d like to think it burns a decent amount of calories and provides me with the same hit of dopamine that other said hobbies may produce.

My latest “hobby” led me to the one and only, ULTA Beauty. When I heard the words “Spring Haul Event” I got my best “haul” bag out and loaded up. What is their Spring Haul Event you ask? It’s where you can save up to 40% off [now through April 15th so act fast!] on hair care, skincare, makeup and more [it’s FULL of so many brands you already know and love]! Because sharing is caring, I thought it would be fun to let you in on what came out of the store with me. Ready to do a little unboxing? Grab a pocket knife, scissors, car keys, or whatever your preferred box opening tool of choice is and let’s go.

First up, this Rechargeable Handheld Mirror. Also known as the beholder of every secret that will never remain a secret from now on. One look in this baby and I know every hair that needs plucked. Between the different shades of lights [it’s amazing what doing makeup in good lighting does], to the magnetic 10x magnifying mirror [I love that I can move this around], and the ability to remove it from the stand and carry it all around the house with me to get the best lighting, I am hooked. Bye bye chin hairs, you’ll never go unnoticed again.

Rechargeable Handheld Mirror • Conair

Next up, can we talk about this Lavender & Vetiver Sleep Balmy Body Cream and Coola Organic Liplux Classic Sunscreen Lip Balm for a second?! If you are a lavender lover like yours truly, you must buy this body cream. It smells like a night of good sleep and is so hydrating on the body. When it comes to other luxurious items to put on your skin – you must try this Coola Tinted Lip Balm! I love that it protects my lips against the sun’s rays and gives them a little bit of color!

What else is in my bag you ask? Let’s see — oh yes, this Pacifica Glow Baby Super Lit SPF 30 Face Lotion! I’ve been doing my best to up my sunscreen game and so when I spotted this face lotion with SPF 30 that gives you both a glow and some color/coverage, I knew I had to try it. It turns out, I love it. It goes on so smooth and blends into my skin perfectly.

Oh, but that’s not all — I of course couldn’t forget about my hair when I was there. With prices these good, it was time for a restock of a few things. At the top of the list, this Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo! Give me the ability to make my hair smell like coconuts and I’m game. A few sprays and I’m good as gold.

Last but not least, I can never pass up a good hair brush at an even better price. If there is one gift that I’ve learned living by the ocean gives it’s tangles. Lots and lots of them. This EPIC Professional Deluxe Detangler cuts right through them and leaves my hair so soft and smooth. Plus, the rose gold looks good in any drawer or left on any countertop 😉

And there we have it friends, unboxing complete. Let’s do it again sometime soon — my hobby

Don’t forget to shop the Ulta Beauty Spring Haul event now [sale ends on April 15th]! Shop more of my favorites on sale below —

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