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We Tried 9 Maternity Jeans + Here’s What We Thought

March 22, 2022


Macy Yoder

We know shopping for cute maternity clothes can be quite the task at times, especially when it comes to jeans. We’ve compiled several styles of maternity jeans to hopefully make your shopping a bit easier.

Sizing notes: Macy is 4’11” and Becca is 5’0″

Macy’s Maternity Jeans

Abercrombie Ankle Straight [full panel]

Abercrombie Maternity Ankle Straight Jeans [TTS, wearing in 24/00 short] // Sweater [TTS, fits oversized, wearing in XS] // Booties [TTS]   

Definitely my favorite pair! I always love the fit of Abercrombie jeans and these maternity jeans did not disappoint. There is a full belly panel which I’ve never worn before but found it to be very comfortable. I love the fit of these jeans – not too tight and not too loose. I found them to be the most comfortable and the cutest out of the 4 pairs I tried.

Gap True Skinny [side panel]

Gap Maternity Inset Panel True Skinny Jeans [TTS, wearing 25/0 short] // Top [TTS, wearing in XS]  // Mules [TTS] 

I was actually very impressed with this pair. Gap didn’t carry my normal size (00) so I tried the 25 short and they actually fit very well. Usually I have to roll the bottom because I’m so short (4’11) but I didn’t have to do that with these, which was great. They are nice and stretchy and very comfortable for a skinny jean.

Abercrombie Super Skinny [full panel]

Abercrombie Maternity Super Skinny Ankle Jeans [Size up if in between, wearing in 25/0 short] // Sweater [TTS, fits oversized, wearing in XS] // Booties [TTS] 

While I loved the look of these black skinny jeans with the raw hem, the material has very little stretch and they really are SUPER skinny. I actually had to size up in this pair. I ordered in a short and still felt like they were a little too long for me. 

Target Straight Cropped [side panel]

Target High-Rise Inset Panel Distressed Straight Cropped Maternity Jeans – Isabel Maternity [TTS, size down if in between, wearing in 00) // Top [TTS, wearing in XS] // Mules [TTS] 

Definitely not my favorite pair! I was super excited to see Target carried size 00 but was bummed when I actually tried them on. They were comfortable but way too baggy and way too long. Not impressed with the fit of these jeans.

Becca’s Maternity Jeans

Target Skinny [crossover panel]

Target High-Rise Crossover Panel Skinny Maternity Jeans – Isabel Maternity [TTS, wearing in 2/26] // Henley Top [Size Down if In Between, wearing in XS] // Sneakers [TTS]

These are definitely not a favorite. There is too much extra fabric in the crotch area, giving it a saggy baggy look which is definitely not flattering. Maybe it would be better for third trimester though! The belly panel is super thick and would feel like too much fabric in the summer, although I do appreciate the crossover style so that the back is open and can breath!

Gap Vintage Slim [full panel]

Gap Full Panel Vintage Slim Jeans [TTS, wearing in 26/2 Short] // Henley Top [TTS, wearing in XS] // Booties [TTS]

These are by far my favorite pair! I love that their is a fully functional button, which just makes me feel like I am wearing real jeans and gives the opportunity for a tiny little front tuck if I wanted to do that! The belly panel is the most comfortable stretchy cotton fabric, without being shiny or “work out clothes” like which so many maternity jeans have. They are trendy and comfortable and I love everything about them!

Old Navy Skinny [full panel]

Old Navy Maternity Premium Full Panel Jeans [TTS, wearing in 2 Short] // Cut Out Top [TTS, wearing in XS] // Booties [TTS]

This is a fabulous pair of maternity jeans! It has a fully functional button which I love so much and gives the feeling of normal jeans! It has a super stretchy, but not shiny full belly panel which is quite comfortable! I like the raw hem and the super light distressing. Very cute!

Old Navy Skinny [roll over panel]

Old Navy Maternity Roll Over Panel Jeans [TTS, wearing in 2 Short] // Henley [TTS, wearing in XS] // Sneakers [TTS]

To be honest, I didn’t think I would like this pair, but I was pleasantly surprised! It doesn’t have a front button, which I usually prefer, but at the same time it is extra stretchy at the waist which makes it easier to get on and off [which is a big deal when your belly is the size of a watermelon and continuously growing!] The belly panel is that shiny material that I don’t especially love, but it is less shiny than others so I give it a pass. The belly panel is a little on the bigger side [which will be great for third trimester], but also it has the ability to roll down which is quite phenomenal [were talking less constriction over that big belly of mine]! Overall this pair is great and I know it will continue to be comfy as I grow and expand [and wonder how I can possibly get any bigger!]

Liverpool Skinny [full panel]

Liverpool Los Angeles Sienna Maternity Jeans [TTS, wearing in 2] // Henley [TTS, wearing in XS] // Sneakers [TTS]

When I saw my all time favorite brand for jeans [Liverpool of course!] had a maternity line, I knew I needed to try them! They are my favorite jeans brand by far! They are the stretchiest and most comfortable pair I tried! I am only 5’0” so these are a little long for me, but they just needed a little roll and I was good to go! Love!

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