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We Bought 8 Things From Instagram Ads

March 23, 2022


Team LIY

We all know how it goes… you’re scrolling your feed or stories, and all of a sudden you’re looking at a product that you are convinced you need. Only to realize it’s actually an ad. But you still need it. Those tech magicians get us every time – they’re watching what we’re searching for, listening to our conversations [is this real?], seeing what we click on, and tailoring our ads to exactly what we didn’t know we needed.

Well, we decided to share our findings. Several of us on the LIY Team hit checkout on some of the items from the ‘gram, and here’s what we thought…

Erin’s Weighted Razor

Hanni Weighted Razor

I must be missing something about this razor because my review compared to the others online are drastically different. To put it lightly, I hated this thing. When I first got it out of the box I had high hopes, it is weighted meaning it’s heavier than your standard razor. Because of this, I believe it is supposed to give you a better shave and prevent razor bumps and ingrown hairs. My experience with it was that I couldn’t even get it to shave off a hair if I wanted to. Maybe I wasn’t using it right [although I tried it a couple of times], but it isn’t the razor for me. For success, you have to go very slowly and do short strokes — I don’t know about you, but I’m not looking to increase my time shaving these days so with that being said, it’s a no for me. The bright side: I did find a razor I love recently and can’t recommend The Athena Club enough!

Steph’s Boie Scrubber

Boie Scrubber – The Hook Bundle

Seems like a simple thing – but I love the gentle exfoliating these scrubbies provide my face and body, and how cute it looks hanging in the shower! Another favorite thing? The sustainable mindset in which they’re manufactured.

Hannah’s IL Makiage Concealer

IL Makiage Concealer

The constant battle of finding the perfect concealer…. An ad for this concealer kept showing up in Instagram and claimed to be “the best” concealer. After a quick quiz to find my match, they suggested a color that would work best and send a full size concealer for you to try for 14 days. If the color is correct, you keep it and they charge you for the product after 14 days. If it’s not correct they help you find the right one and send a new full size concealer to try! The great thing about this company is that they strive to find your true match and you’re not like me and buying multiple colors and wasting money! Based on the quiz I think they found a great color that worked well for me! I don’t know if I would claim it to be the best, but I do love the concept and overall think it works!

Hannah’s M’Chel Day After Brush

M’Chel Day After Brush

I’ve tried, and tried and TRIED to find a good dry shampoo that not only works but doesn’t make my scalp itchy. No matter how many I’ve tried, the spray sticks to my scalp and causes it to be dry and itchy. So after seeing multiple video ads show up I figured this brush would be worth trying! WHOA exceeded my expectations; the powder sticks to the hair, not your scalp and makes your hair look less greasy!! HUGE winner in my book!

Lauren’s Drift Stone Car Freshener 

Drift Stone Car Freshener 

Who doesn’t love their car to smell nice? And who doesn’t love to keep things as “natural” and chemical free as possible? I figured I had to try these Drift car fresheners! I chose the stone version, which is actually magnetic and attaches to a metal visor clip they provide! The first two weeks of having the stone air freshener in my car I noticed a subtle, nice smell that wasn’t overwhelming and didn’t give me a headache! By week three I wasn’t really noticing a smell anymore, so I’m thinking maybe it ran its course and the oils had evaporated! I’m torn… the instructions asked you to put it back into a resealable bag when not in use, but I personally can’t imagine removing it and putting it away every time I park the car, or even nightly, especially because the smell will get on your hands. However, maybe this would make it last longer! BUT while the scent was there, I loved it, and I actually bought the 12-pack so I get to sample ALL of the scents and see which ones I like the most over time!

Katy’s Daily Harvest

Daily Harvest

I’m a big smoothie fan and I guess IG picked up on that because Daily Harvest kept popping up in my ads. I ended up finally taking the plunge to try it and it’s honestly pretty cool! It’s a subscription service like Home Chef or Hello Fresh but for items like smoothies, bowls, flatbreads, lattes, etc.  I will tell ya, this is not going to be your sweet, Smoothie King, smoothie. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Smoothie King day. These are real ingredients and whole foods, so definitely tastes and feels healthy. I ended up trying 2 chia bowls, 2 oat bowls, a latte and 4 smoothies! So far, my favorite smoothie has been the chocolate and blueberry smoothie!

Katy’s Everlywell Metabolism Test

Everlywell Metabolism Test

Everlywell has been finding it’s way into my Instagram feed for some time now…the company is basically an innovative, at home lab test for personal health! They have tons of different tests from food sensitivity, to Thyroid, to Women’s Health, but I ended up getting and trying the Metabolism Test! They provide everything you need in the kit, including the envelope and return label to send it back. For this test, I had to provide two forms of information. A finger prick and saliva collection. I am still waiting on my results but hope to have them back soon and get a better insight to what is happening in/with my body! 

Cassidy’s Standard Textile Circa Bed Wrap

Standard Textile Circa Bed Wrap

I have been fighting with my metal bed frame for years now… with fitted sheets, bed skirts, all the things and nothing has felt quite right. I would love to just buy a new bed frame with an attached headboard but it felt like a waste when I have a perfectly good headboard, metal bed frame and box springs. Plus it just wasn’t in the budget! Insert the Standard Textile Circa Bed Wrap – the answers to my prayers. I was SO intrigued when this product blessed my screen because I hadn’t seen anything like it! After purchasing and installing it [I recommend two people and NOT trying to do it alone, ha!] I would give it a 4 out of 5 stars! I do love the look and how it gives the illusion that my bed is more custom. But, installation was kind of difficult and I have realized in some areas it looks a little creased maybe? Overall I struggled getting it to look “just right.” I have only had it on for about a week so I am giving it some time! It’s also not as structured as I thought. It definitely has a “skeleton” inside but I thought it would just be thicker! I think the white doesn’t give it as much of a WOW factor because it looks so similar to bed skirts or fitted sheets, but I knew white would be best for me because my style changes so often! I wanted something that would go with everything! This bed wrap works best with metal frames that do NOT have an attached headboard. So before you consider breaking up with your metal bed frame, try adding in this Standard Textile Circa Bed Wrap! They also give you a 90 day, no risk satisfaction guarantee–it’s worth a shot!

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