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Getting Fit With My Echelon Bike

May 18, 2021


Erin Schrader

If there is one thing I have learned over the past year of life it is that 30 minutes on a bike can change your life in the best way possible. After years of hearing how great a workout on a stationary bike can be, Shawn & I finally decided to put the pedal to the metal and get our legs spinning on this Echelon Connect EX-7S bike. I’ve gotten so many questions about this bike and the workouts since I’ve started riding this, so I thought I would put together a full blog post sharing all of the details about it and just why I love it so much! If you’re ready to get a little sweaty, keep on readin’…

Let’s meet the Echelon Bike

Are you ready to jump on?! Let’s go! Set-up for the Echelon bike is super easy, it arrives at your front door, assembly is pretty quick and easy and then all that’s left to do is plug it into the wall! As I said, we have the Echelon Connect EX-7S which has its own screen attached, however, they also make models that have no screen which allows you to use your own tablet for your screen if you would like for a lesser price. Either option is great as no matter which route you go, you will have the same access to all of the classes. Speaking of, let’s pick one….

Pick Your Class

Through the Echelon Membership [as low as $29 a month] you will have access to thousands of classes ranging from spin to yoga to ZUMBA and so much more that you can access either through your Echelon Equipment screen or on the Echelon Fit app on your phone or tablet! Every time I hop on the bike I choose my favorite instructor [my go-to is Chris Tracey] and select the length of time I’m looking for which is usually 30 minutes! I can then choose the class based on the style of music I’m in the mood for [you can see the class song playlist before selecting the class to ensure it’s droppin’ the beats that will keep you pumped all ride long] or the style of workout I’m feeling such as speed or endurance or maybe a mix of both!

Now is where things get fun [and sweaty] — once the class starts and it’s time to roll. I’m telling you I never knew a 30-minute workout could a) go so fast b) produce so much sweat. Spinning for 30 minutes has been one of the best workouts I’ve ever found for me. A few perks of doing a class are the instructor will keep you motivated, continually tell you where you should be effort-wise for both speed and resistance, and if you are the competitive type, you can have the leader board showing where you’ll always see your rank among everybody else in your ride.

I’ve not only lost weight by riding my Echelon Connect EX-7S bike, but I’ve also gained muscle, I can feel my body changing and getting stronger with every ride. When I started, I rode with an average of 10 on the resistance, these days my average has moved up to 18 or so which has been so exciting to see.

If you’re considering adding this piece of equipment into your home, my advice is to do it. The only time you may regret it is after you do your first ride because you didn’t get one sooner [and sure, you may feel a little like what just happened as your sweat is rollin’ in places you didn’t know existed, but that’s neither here nor there].

Workouts Off The Bike

Last but not least, you don’t have to leave it all on the bike — Echelon also has hundreds of classes off the bike so if you want to add some stretching or strength training to your workout routine you can do just that! It’s like having access to all of the best classes and instructors at your fingertips 24/7.

And that my friends, concludes today’s workout sesh 😉 Be sure to check out Echelon for all of your at-home workout needs – maybe soon we’ll be riding together, I’ll see you there!

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