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Our Favorite Echelon Classes

February 3, 2022


Erin Schrader

There is nothing better than getting on the bike, moving your body for a quick 20 minutes, jumping off of it [let’s be real, more like panting and almost falling off of it], dripping in sweat, and feeling like you can now dominate anything the day brings your way. Unless of course, the day brings your period, then all bets are off. WHY. Anyhow, not the point. The point is that just today after my ride I was looking in the mirror telling Shawn how strong I feel like my legs are starting to look and feel, all thanks to my three to five 20-minute Echelon rides I try to do every week. Anything to get Carrie Underwood’s legs, my friends.

If you’ve been around for a year or two, you’ve probably either seen photos of me on Instagram stories with a sweaty selfie, previous blog posts I’ve written about why I love our beloved Echelon bike or if you’re a good friend of mine have heard me rave about it while we’re enjoying a glass of wine and too many chips and salsa together [why workout if you don’t indulge, am I right?] Anyhow, the moral of the story is I am obsessed with our Echelon EX-5s bike and have absolutely zero plans of stopping anytime soon.

If you too have an Echelon, or maybe you’re thinking about getting one, I thought I’d share with you my absolute favorite instructors and classes from over the years of riding. Additionally, I asked Shawn for his input and a few of the girls on the LIY Team who also like to get their spin on. Below you’ll see a compilation of instructors and specific classes you may want to give a try! I should also note that there are a TON of instructors and classes I haven’t tried yet because there are just so many, however, I have found that once I find somebody I enjoy I tend to stick with them over and over again [much like I do with my favorite flavors of Doritos ;)]

Note: If you are new to Echelon, to access the hundreds of classes [both live and on demand] it is a monthly subscription ranging from $29-$34. Not only do you get spinning classes but weight training, yoga, rowing, etc!

Our Favorite Type Of Classes

I’m just here to say I’m a 20-minute type of girl. I like ’em quick and efficient and I have seen ride after ride that you can get just as sweaty and your heart rate pumping as you can in a 30-minute ride. While I will sometimes get a 30-minute ride in, more days than not you can find me spinning away for 20 minutes. While there are so many styles of classes, these are our favorites:

  • Tabata — In a Tabata class, it’s all about high-intensity intervals! You do a set amount of rounds [in a 20-minute class you typically do 3-4 rounds] that last 4 minutes each. In each round you’ll do 20 seconds at a high intensity, 10 seconds rest, repeated 8 times. This type of workout has been proven to burn some serious calories in a short amount of time! I love this style of class because you are never bored, always focused on crossing off another round.
  • Fusion — Fusion rides are a mix of speed and resistence. I find this style of class to typically be the most challenging as your rest is few and far between. I like this style because you are typically moving around on the bike [“in the saddle” [aka riding while seated] and “out of the saddle” [standing and spinning] quite a bit. These rides will get you, but dang, they hurt so good.
  • Speed – It is exactly like it sounds like. The class purpose is to pedal fast and get a further distance in under your belt.
  • Scenic Rides — Scenic rides are not an instructor led class [nobody will tell you how fast to spin or what resistence you should be at] but rather a self guided ride where you can choose how fast and hard you will ride. The best part of doing these rides? You get to choose the scenery. One day you might be riding along the ocean in and the next you’ll be peddling the streets of Rome.

Our Favorite Echelon Instructors

  • Chris Tracey – He’s my go-to and has been for a long time. I gravitated towards Chris initially because he seemed to be one of the only ones that would tell you the speed + resistence range regularly, however, now it seems as though all instructors do that. I enjoy his rides [and music selections] quite a bit!
  • Rick Chavez – Probably the most challenging instructor we’ve tried. Rick has a lot of energy and isn’t afraid to ask you to expend yours. He definitely pushes you and doesn’t take it easy. If you’re looking for a challenge, give Rick a try!
  • Nicole Griffin – Nicole has such a fun personality and shares a common love for Country music! Her rides are never boring and will leave you quite sweaty without feeling like you’re dying [always a plus ;)].
  • Sam Jackson – Sam is another lady I love! Her rides can be quite challenging but I love that she doesn’t take it that easy on you!
  • Michael Browne – Michael has a great energy as well! His music picks are also great and he seems like a great guy overall!

A Few Favorite Specific Rides We Love

  • Nicole Griffin – Fusion 20 Country’s Best
  • Sam Jackson – Fusion 20 Tailgates & Tanlines
  • Nicole Griffin – Tabata 20 Throwback Hip Hop
  • Rick Chavez Fusion 20 Hip Hop
  • Rick Chavez Fusion 20 Rock
  • Chris Tracey – Speed 20 Hip Hop
  • Chris Tracey – Tabata 20 Hip Hop
  • Michael Browne – Tabata 20

Now, who’s ready to go ride? I’ll see you at the finish line…

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