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Welcome To The Cabin: Home Tour

January 28, 2021


Erin Schrader

They say good things come to those who wait, and in the case of giving you an official cabin tour, we’ve sure as heck have been waiting. Three years later, I felt like it was officially time to show you around the joint — if you are new around here, you may want to take a walk down memory lane and learn about how and why this cabin came into our lives. I knew when we decided to make it our own I would love it, I just didn’t know how much I would love it [nor how much we would “make it our own”]. Turns out one project turns into another and then another and well, we’ve got ourselves what seems like a whole new house, folks. Shawn and I are a sucker for a good project and the cabin has been one of our favorites yet. We’re the king and queen of saying “we’re just going to change a few things” and then a few things translates to ripping out kitchens, re-painting every piece of wood in the place, re-staining all of the floors, and the list of “I can’t believe we’re doing this” things continue.

Today I thought it’d be fun to show you around our cabin, although I should note before we begin that I do have a no-shoes rule when possible so if you’d please oblige, slip off your sneaks and get ready to walk [or sprint like my nephew does] around. We’ll start in the place I like to spend the majority of my time in [yes, it’s the kitchen and yes, it’s because of cheese]. Carry on. Oh, wait, stop. Just a quick note that under each room below you’ll see a widget of all of the items that are available for purchase from our home – hopefully, this helps in locating where something is from in case you’d like to make our homes twins [I’m all for a good replication moment and I’ve kinda always wanted twins but this sounds like a less messy, smelly, crying way to do it].

Welcome to our 100% renovated kitchen [you can see before pictures here!]. I should start by saying it’s actually a flood’s fault that we have this new and updated kitchen [bless you pipe for bursting and flooding our kitchen the morning before we were leaving for a week on a cruise circa 2019, #memories]. We ended up having to tear out all of the cabinets, we repositioned the island, installed new counters, added a backsplash, and made a whole thing out of it. For reference, the kitchen cabinet color is Benjamin Moore Caldwell Green and unfortunately, I have zero ideas on where the hardware is from or the light fixtures [note to self: be a better blogger and find these things out, Erin]. I love how it turned out and enjoy cooking in it approximately 2.5 times a week [restaurant life is still my favorite life].

Canister Set // Barstools

As we make our way into the dining room, you’ll find an already made table setting which is highly unfunctional as any time we actually have to use the table, I end up clearing it all off so that nobody has to use dusty dishes, but, WHO CARES because it looks good [and that my friends, sums up my life in one sentence. Looks = logic, the end]. In all seriousness though, I love this gathering space and you know I’m a sucker for the lemons that are just zesting with joy. I hope you see what I did there.

Archway Windowed Cabinet // Similar Dining Table // Similar Chandelier // Similar Dining Chairs

And now, it’s living room time. Can we just take a moment to be silent and appreciate whoever the genius [GENIUS] inventor of the couch was? Do you ever just stop and stare at that wonderful piece of furniture and think “bless you sofa, bless you cushions, bless you thing that just sits in my home that allows me to do absolutely nothing and feel 100% okay about it”?! Because if you don’t, you should, an attitude of gratitude will grant you many guilt-free couch sessions. I’ve learned. Anyhow, in this space, we painted every square inch of walls [that was a lot of inches, I didn’t exactly count but it was about the number of inches that made painters want to curse so I take that as several – for reference, however, the color is Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee], stained the floors, brought in some new furniture and did a fireplace makeover by changing the color of the grout from gray to white [did you know you can do this? I had zero ideas until somebody much smarter than I – Shalmai Designs suggested it and because I find her word to be gold, I went with it] and brought in a new fireplace insert. Wanna peek? Here’s a big one [I really need to tame back on my “more is more” approach, I’m working on it].

grey sofa // chairs // rug [ivory/multi] // coffee table // leather sofa

sign from Joyfully Said Signs [aka my sis! use code LIY15 for 15% off!]

It’s about time to spice things up, that’s right, we’re makin’ our way into the master bedroom, also known as the place that I…..

drink chamomile tea and eat Dove chocolate every night around 8 pm. I AM WILD. There’s not a lot of exciting things to say here other than the fact that Dove chocolate in bed is an excellent idea and I would 10/10 recommend it. Oh, and we painted the walls in here Sherwin Williams Iron Ore.

To see the place we actually take it all off, you can click here to see our master bathroom. Don’t worry, I keep it clean over there too. Literally. Dove soap is my go-to. Are you noticing a common theme here?

Now that we’ve made our way around the majority of the first floor [I did keep off a few rooms like the den but don’t worry, you can see that here, and the sunroom which once acted as the LIY office but is now acting as the room I can’t stop sweating in – aka the workout room and a bathroom but how fun is staring at a toilet], let’s walk up the stairs to the loft. It’s okay, I’m out of breath now too. Up here is where I lose in Mario Kart often and proudly display a puzzle that I started in March and have yet to finish. I always offer our guests $5 to finish but nobody has taken me up on it. Someday.

leather sofaaccent chair

Upstairs you’ll find two guest bedrooms – one for children that we don’t have and another for adults which we don’t have either. We’ll start with the room for the imaginary children. This room brings my nieces and me the same amount of joy, but what isn’t bringing me joy is the fact that the bedding and rug and decor [all Opalhouse brand from Target] are now sold out meaning our likelihood of producing twins is minimizing.

A glimpse into the attached bathroom, mostly because I want to show this cute little light fixture off and also just a glimpse because nothing else is complete in this space. Only show the internet the good parts and they’ll think your life is way more put together than what it is.

And for the last stop on today’s journey, the guest bedroom for adults. And by adults, I mean adult. We’ve had one adult sleep here in the 3 years we’ve owned it. This is the room that I escape to when I want to work at a desk [my normal go-to is the kitchen island, cheese, remember] but there is something magical that happens to my focus when I take away the distraction of Doritos and replace it with a window for me to outside and daydream [mostly of tropical locations I’d rather by sitting but that’s neither here nor there].

And that my friend, concludes today’s tour. I could have taken us down to the basement to really give you the full look at things but didn’t clean up the mice droppings just yet so we’ll tackle that another day. I hope you enjoyed your visit and will come again soon [if I didn’t just scare you away by the mention of those tiny creatures]. If you’d like to continue your stay, you can do so by following along #LIYCabinShenanigans, I’ll catch you on the flip side!

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