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November 19, 2020


Erin Schrader


It’s here! It’s almost here! The most wonderful time of year is right around the corner! ‘Tis almost the season of giving and here at LIY we understand that sometimes a good old fashion wishlist helps others [ie. husbands and significant others] get a hint of what to give. You know, so you don’t end up with a brand spankin’ new Xbox or bottle of hand sanitizer [but who’s keeping track of years past?]. So this year, we’re making our lists and checking ’em twice. And sharing said wishlists with Y-O-U, just in case you need an idea or two to add to your own list. While we probably won’t unwrap everything we’ve got our eyes on, we’ve been extra good this year in hopes of making the nice list and scoring a few goodies this holiday season. Because as Buddy the Elf says: there’s room for everybody on the nice list. 😉 So take a scroll down the page, get to know the team, and click the tiny arrows to browse through each of our full lists. Happy, happy holidays from our LIY fam to yours!



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Well hello friends, Erin here! The best season of all is officially upon us and I’d be lying if I didn’t say gift-giving [errr, receiving] is one of my favorite things that the season brings 😉 Shawn and I have always done gifts for one another and because we don’t have children, we can spoil each other instead! One thing you’ll notice is my love for all things home and cozy, especially in the year 2020. Whatever I can do to achieve an environment that I love spending time in, I’m all about. From this smart home diffuser to keep the house smelling oh so good, to shaking things up with this fun cocktail maker, and the TV / photo frame that I’ve been drooling over for quite some time, it’s all here! While I’m sure Santa won’t bring me everything on this list, a girl can dream, right?



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Hello, friends! I’m Steph – Director of Operations here at Living in Yellow. I’m a wife, and mom to 3 kids – ages 18, 8 and 5. Home is my haven! I love experimenting in the kitchen, gardening, planning theme and game nights for my family and continuously switching things up in the home decor department. While I’m pretty on the go most of the time taking care of all the things for work and family, I thoroughly enjoy a Sunday afternoon at home filled with puzzles, reading, candles burning, playing games and loungewear. I fully believe in pouring into yourself so that you can give your best as you pour into others. In my list you’ll find a few things to help me relax, rejuvenate and recenter, as well as some home items and no-fuss fashion.



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Hi, I’m Becca the Creative Director at LIY. My husband and I bought a home recently, and will be making the big move from renting to owning just before the holidays! We’re really excited, and of course we’re staying at home even more than usual these days which has caused us to be even more motivated to make our new place feel like home for ourselves and our daughter! On my wish list you will find lots of items to make our home cozy, as well as some self care from home type of items! Happy holidays, from our home to yours!



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 Hello hello! My name is Cassidy and I am the Visual Content Creator here at Living in Yellow! I have always been a homebody but this year has kept me home maybe more than I would like, so I have decided to lean into it and make my home the coziest it has ever been! I love having a zen yet eclectic vibe! This year I am also trying to experiment with baking more as well as some self-care practices! You will find random assortment of goodies on my list but truly I am after a more intentional holiday/year at home!


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Hi Ladies! I’m Hannah –  Fashion and Design Specialist at Living in Yellow!! I’m a busy mom of two sweet and sassy kiddos and wife to a police officer!! Fashion is my passion and even when I’m running after my kiddos I’m probably going to be overdressed but feeling my best!! I love integrating new and fun trends into my wardrobe and tend to add items to my wishlist that are things I wouldn’t normally buy myself. This year is all about the one of a kind, statement pieces that zhuzh up the outfit! While basics are a must, the elevated pieces that my heart desires are definitely part of this year’s wish list along with some other faves I’ve had my eye on!!


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Hello, hello! I’m Lauren, one of the LIY Content Creators! When I’m not spitting out new content, you can typically find me with my husband and two little boys, who are 3 years old and 4 months old! Being pregnant during a pandemic was no joke, so this year’s wishlist theme is self care, cozy-comfort, and a tiny bit of “treat yo-self” designer items thrown in. If it’s a long cold winter of staying-at-home, I want to make sure I’m prepared with a few things to make it more comfortable – like massagers, a lush robe, and new wine glasses 😉  Necessities, I tell ya!


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Hey y’all! I’m Katy, Community Support Specialist here at LIY.  For those that don’t know me, my husband is from here in Indiana, so we just moved to this area during the pandemic! I am also a singer/songwriter, am always looking for a new adventure, and basically can’t sit still. Where are my enneagram 3’s at? That is probably why my wishlist this year has a theme of either cute items I want to wear somewhere fun (fingers crossed) or “cozy” finds that I can force myself to snuggle up with at home. Whether it’s trying out a new restaurant with this crossbody or these cute combat boots, or getting at home massage with these slippers on, I am hoping to be ready for wherever life is taking us this holiday season!


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Hey, hi, hello! I’m Claire, one of the Content Creators here at LIY. When I’m not on the clock [half working, half shopping – sorry boss lady 😉 ], I can typically be found spending time at home, sweet home. I’m a homebody at heart and am happiest cozied up with my pup on my lap, glass of wine in tow, and my nose in a good book during the holiday season. Once summer rolls around, there’s no place I’d rather be than entertaining friends on the lake. Insert cute heavy-duty cooler and waterproof speaker. Whether you’re voted Most-Likely to Stay Home like yours truly or Life of the Party [I pride myself in being both 😉 ], there’s a little something for every occasion on my list. Happy holidays, friends!


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