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Gifts From Our Favorite Small Businesses

November 23, 2020


Erin Schrader

Small businesses have been so heavy on my heart the past few months. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? It wasn’t so long ago that Living in Yellow was just a tiny online diary run solely by yours truly. As a business owner myself, I know firsthand the countless hours of dedication it takes to keep things running smoothly. Truly, blood [you’d be surprised], sweat [I run hot], tears, and many, many cups of coffee. During a time when we need each other most and Small Business Saturday right around the corner, Team LIY is proud to celebrate a few of our favorite small biz’s that are near and dear to our hearts. You might recognized a couple you already know and love or stumble across something new– either way, we’d love to encourage you to remember to shop small this holiday season. Happy shopping, friends!

Joyfully Said [use code LIY20 for 20% off all orders] 

Plaid Sign // Oh What Fun Sign // Watercolor Sign // Precious Life Sign

It is absolutely no surprise that one of my all-time favorite small businesses to support is Joyfully Said, which also happens to be my sister’s store that she created a few years ago. Her handmade wood signs bring so much joy into our home. They are all so fun, beautiful and high quality. What once started in her living room has now turned into a team of 17 employees, her husband included, making it a truly family owned business. Whether you’re shopping for your home or gifting to somebody else, I can’t recommend Joyfully Said more! Don’t forget to use the code LIY20 for 20% off your order!

Miss Chic 

Yellow Sweater [size down one] 

Speaking of small businesses that are owned and operated by people near and dear to my heart, Miss Chic is run by my best friend, Amy. She started this clothing boutique several years ago and it has been so fun to watch her flourish in doing what she does best – serving customers to the highest standard, bringing quality clothing and accessories to women to look great and feel good in, all at an attainable price point! The next time you’d like to shop small for your clothing purchase, you should give Miss Chic a try!

Mustard Seed Marketplace

Bel Koz Beaded Bracelets // Bel Koz Charms

It turns out that I have several powerhouse friends who are doing BIG things. Insert Mustard Seed Marketplace which is another small business that was started by my friend, Lisa. There is so much purpose and intention behind this business, Lisa started Mustard Seed Marketplace born out of an idea to only sell fair-trade, sustainable, give-back, or locally made products. She is a woman on a mission to help change the world and her business is doing just that. My favorite product from her shop are these Bel Koz Beaded Bracelets that come with a free charm. These bracelets are created by artisans in Haiti from the clay that lives there. By purchasing this bracelet, you are helping to provide a better life for women and their children in Haiti. Bonus: they are beautiful and make for perfect gifts!

Social Threads

Messenger Bag // Interchangeable Bag Straps

Here at LIY, we are so lucky to have been introduced to many small businesses over the years, one that we fell in love with years ago [and remain in love with] is Social Threads. Social Threads was started by and is run by two of the nicest, funniest, loving sister-in-laws who pour their hearts into this business while simultaneously pouring their hearts into their families. They carry so many brands that you all love and know and speciality items as well. At the top of my list? Their bags and interchangeable straps. I use mine every single day to carry my laptop, planner and other necessities.

Soup of Success

Wellness Care Package // Click here to help change the lives of women

Oh Soup of Success, how much I care about you. A year or two ago, I was asked to sit on the advisory board for this local organization who pours their heart and souls into empowering and bettering the lives of women who are in a position to be helped. Soup of Success provides an intense 20-week program that a woman can apply to be apart of that helps transform their lives from job training, emotional counseling, and so much more. The women learn on-hands job skills by creating and manufacturing a variety of products like soups, dips, cookie mixes, etc. These products are then sold and the proceeds go back into the organization to fund the program. Added bonus: the products are so delicious, we love making their hearty potato soup on cold winter days!

Main Street Roasters

Coffee + K-Cup Options 

If you know me at all,  you know I’m a several cups of coffee per day type of gal. Insert my love for this local roastery, Main Street Roasters. Not only do they have the most welcoming and beautiful coffee shop to hang out at in Nappanee, IN, they sell all of their delicious coffee online for everybody to enjoy. I’m a BIG flavored coffee girl and they have it all – from blueberry cinnamon crumble to salted caramel and coconut dream, fill my cup with it all please and thank you. My husband loves the Main Street Blend and makes sure we have it on hand at all times. If you’d like to support a local roastery, raise your cup to this one!

No Cold Feet

We all know that the holiday season is the perfect time to give the gift of socks! No Cold Feet is a small business that creates these fun gift boxes that you can give to anybody on your list! Perfect for stockings and a lot of fun designs to choose from! One pair for me, one for you…

Type League Press

How fun is this personalized mug?! When I saw that I could have my dogs faces all over my morning drink, I was in. Type League Press creates all types of personalized gifts and is owned by a girl out of Chicago, Sara, who makes them all! Whether you are a dog lover or want your kiddos face on your mug or heck, just want a cute mug in general, this is your place!

Taylor Wolfe Shop

Cozy Up / Peace / Heart Use code LEMONDROPS15 for 15% off at Taylor Wolfe Shop! Size up for a cozier fit.

It’s no surprise that we at Living in Yellow LOVE all the comfy sweatshirt goodness that Taylor Wolfe Shop has to offer! Right at the top of my favorites list currently is this Cozy Up design that our very own Cassidy designed! You honestly can’t go wrong with any of the designs. Think 3 sweatshirts from the same place is too many? Think again! I also own this Vintage Santa Sweatshirt [quite possibly the coziest one of them all!], Social Distancing Club, Clover,  Summer Weekends, USA, and these obviously necessary Stay Home Joggers. In each of the designs I would suggest sizing up for a little more wiggle room. I have an assortment in Medium and Large and usually prefer the Large for ultimate coziness. Don’t forget to use LEMONDROPS15 to save 15% on all of these great designs as well as the other styles available!

Hey June

Gold Diamond Huggies [Use code LIY15 for 15% off]

Speaking of buying multiple when I find something I like! A few years ago I purchased several pairs of studs from Hey June. Specifically – Hexagons, Open Circles, Open Hearts and Delicate Circles. I’ve loved the quality of these studs – they don’t feel like they’re about to break at any moment! In fact, I often have put them loosely in the zipper pocket of my purse when I’m not sure which earrings to wear for photos for work and I’ve never had a post break or bend! While I don’t suggest treating your earrings this way, I’m here to say I’ve been tough on these and I’ve had no issues with quality whatsoever. I kept seeing these Gold Diamond Huggies on Hey June’s Instagram Stories and it was time to check them out for myself! No surprise, the quality and cuteness remains with this new edition to her collection! Don’t forget to use LIY15 FOR 15% off all of your purchases at Hey June!

Hither Rabbit

Where are our pet lovers at!? How cute are these customizable pet gifts from HitherRabbit on Etsy!? My pup is in love with her newest toy–is is strong and durable while being oh so cute! It does also have a squeaker in it for extra fun! When I saw these embroidery portraits of your pet, I HAD to get my hands on one! It is obviously adorable but is such a sweet ode to your pet as well as a conversation starter! Carolyn from HitherRabbit was so easy to work with and absolutely nailed it! I cannot recommend this shop enough! If you are a pet lover or have one in your life, this is the shop for you! Creation + ship time is 2-3 weeks!  

Boho Pretty

Twist and Shout Sweatshirt [Use code LIY10 for 10% off] // Stay Home Joggers [use LEMONDROPS15 to save 15%]

Welcome to my Saturday morning! This sweater is lightweight, soft and easy to slip on over whatever I slept in to head out to the kitchen to make my morning cup of joe. Once Spring comes I will wear it out and about for errands over a tank as well as enjoying the cooler morning temps in Summer on my patio sipping my coffee. Erin recently wore this sweater for a day of heading to the lake and dinner by the water. It’s a great casual option for the cozy lover in your life!

Wood Cutout Earrings [Use code LIY10 for 10% off]

I like big earrings and I can’t deny! So much so that I actually told my mom when we were wedding jewelry shopping that I wanted earrings so big that’s what stood out when people looked at me. Don’t worry, she talked me down off that ledge, but I’ve been rocking large earrings in my everyday life long before then and I have no plans to stop anytime soon! My recent favorite pair are these Wood Cutouts from Boho Pretty! I love how lightweight they are while still making a large statement. I really like to incorporate natural pieces into my home decor, so when I saw that I could incorporate a natural look into my accessories as well I jumped on the chance!

Key Chain Bangle [Use code LIY10 for 10% off] 

I’m deeming this THE stocking stuffer for the person in your life who a) carries a bag the size of the suitcase everywhere she goes; or b) frequently has to make a trip back in the house after buckling everyone in the car to find the keys. I happen to be both of those more often than I should admit! No matter how big I’m choosing to carry on a given day, my keys should not be slipping away from me with this bangle! I’m most excited that I can slip them on my wrist as I’m helping my littles gather all of their school things to head out to drop-off and won’t have to make a second trip back inside to gather my essentials.

Grace Personalized

Grace Personalized

It’s no secret that I love this necklace! My husband and kiddos gifted it to me for Mother’s Day and it’s by far one of my favorite gifts!! Grace Personalized has amazing quality pieces and I love that it can all be customized to your preference! You can tell she puts so much work into every piece and the details of every piece make for great gifts!

Embroidered Robes

The coziest robes, I’m telling you!! We ordered this robe for my daughter a while back and she wears it all the time!! It is so cozy, I have tried to see if it will fit me [lol], it doesn’t! However the embroidery, and quality is so good and these would make great gifts, or for wedding parties, bachelorette parties, etc..

Key Boutique

Leo Block Hoodie [Oversized fit, size down if in between, wearing in Small] // Fleece Lined Leggings [One size] 

Merry & Bright Tee [TTS, wearing in Small] // Rib Knit Waterfall Cardigan [TTS, wearing in Small]

This local to us boutique is SO cute!! The staff and atmosphere is so nice and welcoming, even the dressing room area is so pretty!! From the staff right down to the packaging, it’s all so nice!! I popped in and saw all the cute NEW arrivals and ahh it’s all so good!! If you are local, highly recommend you pop into their store and meet the amazing staff and shop a little!! If you aren’t local, there are equally amazing pieces online you can shop!!

Soapy Gnome

Soapy Gnome Bar Soap

This is a local shop from right here in Goshen, IN! I love going in here and taking in all the scents. They hand make almost every type of soap scent that you can imagine. From Lavender Eucalyptus, to Snow Day, to Milk & Honey. If you’re not a bar soap person, not to worry! They also make foaming liquid soaps, deodorant, and more! These would make a great stocking stuffer for someone else, but why not grab a gift for yourself while you’re at it 🙂

Where We Met Map Gift [16×20, unframed]

This may be called the “Where we met” map (which I think is SO cute), but I ended up making this for my husband’s Grandparents with the coordinance of the land they live on now.  It’s been in their family for a long time and is special to them so I thought they would enjoy a tribute to it. I love that this Etsy shop makes their items so personalized and that this gift has the exact location. You can personalize this however you’d like! They were great to work with and made changes I asked for even after I ordered! I highly recommend this for a special someone in your life.

Tiny Hoop Earrings [Rose Gold Shiny]

How cute are these little hoops!? This was a gift for myself. Sometimes we need those, right? I love that they are simple and dainty, but add a beautiful touch to any look! The packs come in a pair, so I ordered 2!

Ambre Blends

Ambre Body Cream //  Ambre Essence

Ambre Blends is a woman-owned business based in Indianapolis, IN. All of their high quality organic body products are handmade with 100% pure and natural vegan ingredients. I fell in love with Ambre Essence after smelling the oil on several of the girls on the LIY Team [seriously, one whiff and I was hooked]! I started small for my first purchase with the 10mL oil pump bottle and have been a fan ever since. The larger 30mL bottle is a great option for us repeat customers refilling the pump bottle. 😉 I couldn’t get enough and splurged on the body cream [2oz // 8oz] to add to the collection too! It’s a light and clean yet woody fragrance, but you can read more about that and find the official description here.

Monogrammed Leather Pouch

Lip gloss, hand sanitizer, extra contacts, ibuprofen. I feel strongly about a “catchall” pouch inside of my purse for all these little on-the-go necessities. Add in the fact that I’m a sucker for a monogram, and this cute leather pouch was speaking to me. I chose black with gold foil, but there are plenty of other combinations as well!

Sawyer Hand Poured Soy Candle

Can you ever have enough candles? I think not. I’m constantly buying them to “have on hand for gifting” and tend to end up using them myself. Oh well! These candles are SO good! The owner, Annie, is a fellow Indiana University alumni [hoo hoo hoo, hoosiers!], and the scent combinations are unique and spot on [hello Bergamot + Tobacco!]. *Gently* toss one in everyone’s stocking this year.

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