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Meet Our 2021 Life + Style Planners + Gratitude Journals

October 24, 2020


Erin Schrader

If there has ever been an introduction I’ve been dying to make, it’s this one right here, right now. Who may you be meeting you ask? The beauties and brains [and products] behind our new 2021 Life + Style Planners and first-ever Currently I’m Gratitude Journals! These two products are such a passion of mine as I’ve been an avid Planner and Journal user for years! I love taking everything swirling around in my brain [and believe me, there are a lot of swirls happening up there] and having a place to document it all. Whether it’s in the form of organizing my days and making sure I don’t miss a beat on my to-do list or an upcoming dentist appointment [let’s be real, I’d rather forget that] by jotting it all down in my Life + Style Planner or having a more spacious place to simply notice and write down what I’m grateful for and a place to write about how I’m feeling or what I’m thinking in my Currently I’m Gratitude Journal, both of these products truly provide and bring calm to the chaos, intention to my life and a more well-rounded joyful version of myself. Here at Living in Yellow, our mission is to empower women and I truly believe that both of these products do just that. Both of these products are 100% designed [from inside to out] by the Living in Yellow team and printed/manufactured right here in Elkhart, Indiana. A small-town product made by small-town girls to produce big-time living. I couldn’t love them more. Today I want to introduce you to all 8 of the ladies and designs that were produced for 2021 – you’ll hear about the inspiration behind the cover and what a favorite feature or two of the planner or journal is for each of us! I can’t wait for you to receive your planner and/or journal and experience the many positive benefits it will have in and on your life! Here’s to a year ahead of less canceled plans and more reasons to make ’em! Cheers friends!

Bonus: When you buy one of our planner + journal bundles, you’ll save $5 by purchasing them together! It is such a fun, intentional + joyful gift to give somebody in your life for under $60 [and yes, there is free shipping always]! 


Planner // Journal // Bundle 

It was spring of this year and I was feeling rather blah and had reached a place in my life where I felt like I wasn’t intentionally seeking out things that brought joy into my life. On one of my typical Target runs, I found myself aimlessly perusing the aisles and spotted this lemon table runner. I smiled at first sight and threw it in my cart without giving it a second thought. I immediately got home, put it on my table, and while it doesn’t necessarily match the rest of our decor, it makes me so freaking happy every single time I look at it. When it came to designing my planner this year, my mind immediately went to lemons as I reflected on what brought me joy this year. It coincidently worked out perfectly with the naming of “Lemon Drops” for our LIY Community ???? There’s just something happy about this cover and I can’t wait to carry it with me on a daily basis and smile every time I see it, the same way I do our dining table runner.

As far as my favorite feature[s] go, I’m going to mention one from the planner and one from the journal, but they both embody the true purpose behind each product, it’s the meat of the item – the main pages you’ll be using every single day. First up – the planner. I absolutely love the way that we designed our weekly spreads to work. Every single week you have a more than adeqaute to-do list section, a habit that you can set and track [ie: drink 8 glasses of water, workout, pray, call a friend, etc] and then on an every day basis [Monday – Sunday] you have the same amount of room to write in that day’s to-dos’s, plan out your outfit of the day if you wish, write down your schedule AND your evening dinner plans! Talk about having it all in one spot, you can’t beat our weekly spreads!

And now for our newest product, the Gratitude Journal. We packed this baby with 365 pages to write down 3 gratitudes, an ample room to simply write about whatever is on your mind and a mood checker. We intentionally left the date blank as I want this journal to feel spacious to you and not like a chore. If you miss a day, no worries! These pages are minimal because they are intended to be maximized by YOU! I challenge you to use this regularly and see the difference it makes in your life. I promise it will, I know it has for mine.


Planner // Journal // Bundle

Something about the soft, refreshing smell of eucalyptus mixed with its tidy yet whimsical appearance brings me such joy. At the time of designing our covers, the eucalyptus growing on my patio was thriving, and I loved how grounded I felt while enjoying my morning coffee next to it while doing my devotions. As I reflected on what statement I wanted to make for 2021, this verse came to mind. “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world, you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 I think we can all admit that 2020 has had us feeling a little unsteady, but I rest in the fact that He has overcome any trouble we have faced and will face in the future.

As far as my favorite planner feature goes, it has to be the perforated grocery lists. I love that there are 4 grocery lists every month that you can write down your grocery needs and simply tear out before heading to the store! I use these regularly and sometimes have multiple lists going at the same time for different purposes [work – yes, I’m the official office snack filler-upper ;)] and home! I love how cleanly they tear out and that there is a front and back side to cover all of the departments you check off at the store! 


Planner // Journal // Bundle

I wanted my planner cover to be representative of me and there is no better way to do that than a self-portrait of sorts! If you know me, you are probably familiar with my tattoos, and if you don’t, now you are! This cover features my favorite tattoos that continuously bring me so much joy! The first is the scripted word “earthlings”–this is representative of the idea that we are all earthlings and every single creature on this earth deserves love, respect, and rights! Second, we have my little lavender tattoo–this is a reminder to myself to find the calmness in even the deepest anxiety. And last, we have my plant lady–this is an original design by an amazingly talented tattoo artist [Nevada Buckley @ Firefly Collective Noblesville, IN] and I was drawn to it because it serves as a reminder that I am constantly growing, evolving, and learning! Plus I also just think it is a beautiful piece of art! So when I had to sit down and think about what inspires me or what is representative of me, it really is these things–the things I have chosen to have permanently on my body, ha! Sorry, mom! 

I am also so so excited for the journal! I had the honor of creating this journal for you all so it truly is my little baby! My absolute favorite parts are the hand-drawn illustrations sprinkled throughout the journal! I hope this journal brings you so much joy and gratitude!


Planner // Journal // Bundle

I’m a sucker for all things monogrammed and preppy [Mark & Graham is seriously my weakness]. So when thinking of my ideal planner, I of course wanted it to be monogrammed with a big LMF across the front! Well, that clearly wasn’t going to be possible to have every planner sold be customized to each person [a girl can dream, right?!], and I don’t think very many of you would want to buy a planner with LMF on it. So we figured we just had to give it a preppy feel overall! I absolutely love the way it turned out, with the greek key. And I love the boldness of the green, blue and white combo! I can truly say I can’t wait to use this planner, in large part just to look at it every day! 

While I love the outside of the planner and love several features of the inside, my favorite unique feature might have to be the monthly bucket lists. I’m already creating seasonal bucket lists, so having them broken down by month and giving me additional ideas keeps me in check to make sure I get them done! Ya know, priorities! 


Planner // Journal // Bundle

Don’t get me wrong; I certainly have an inner tomboy [seriously, beer me and fire up the grill], but I tend to be drawn to all-things soft and feminine. And is there really any better way to incorporate that than through blush tones and floral patterns? I think not. While my taste could easily be summed up as pink and girly, I wanted to be sure to represent it in a mature, sophisticated planner. If you never quite grew out of your pink phase and flowers of all shapes and sizes bring you joy, we’re the same type of gal. Rest assured, this beauty will make a pretty little addition to your desk, work tote, or local coffee shop table. 

Go ahead and judge a planner by its cover, but the inside is where the real magic happens. These little guys are jam-packed with a ton of fun features, but I’m most excited about the exclusive blog post content for LIY Life + Style Planner owners. What makes it so special? Each month we publish a private blog post dedicated to Y-O-U. You’ll simply use the passwords provided in your planner every month to access the posts. It’s a private party, and you’re invited. 😉  


Planner // Journal // Bundle

I love coffee, I love tea. It’s not just that they are both delicious beverages, but also that while sipping I take a little moment to myself. Filling up my cup both literally and emotionally too! My husband and I start almost every single morning with a cup of coffee together on the couch. A moment together before the craziness of the day begins. And I end most nights with a hot cup of tea to calm down before I tuck myself in. Coffee and tea are bookends to my day, a little ritual, and a reminder to myself to take a pause and enjoy the slower things in life. I incorporated some of my own favorite mugs into the design of the planner — including a London skyline mug [my favorite city] and of course my Luke’s Diner mug because I am a Gilmore Girl at heart!

If you know me at all, you would not be surprised to hear that my favorite part of the planner is the travel page! It features a world map for you to color where you have lived, where you have traveled, and where you dream of going someday! It also allows you to log the trips you plan to take that year as well as offering exclusive packing lists for both cold and warm weather destinations! Making planning a trip both easy and more fun!


Planner // Journal // Bundle

It’s no secret that I love Fashion! The clothes, shoes, trends, prints, colors, details, ALL of it! And it plays a big role in my job and life. The way clothes, jewelry, shoes, accessories can make you feel is so empowering, confidence-boosting, and may be something that you don’t always realize. I know that when I put on my favorite jeans and top I will feel good throughout my day. It’s such a confidence boost! So when it came to my planner I wanted to make sure that it was something I truly loved and connected with and it’s even more than I was envisioning! Becca on the team DREW this amazing group of 3 women that had all of the fun, edgy, fashion aspects and I couldn’t love it more!

No surprise here — my favorite part of the planner is the Style Quiz and wardrobe essentials! It’s such a fun little quiz to figure out what your style is and there is a bonus post, exclusively for you that has hand-selected pieces based on your style! Such a fun and unique twist on a planner! 

Jennifer [as shown by Katy!]

Planner // Journal // Bundle

This beautiful slice of tie-dye heaven represents…YOU, The Lemon Drops 🙂 This planner/journal cover was voted on by our community and out of four choices, this was the winner! I have to agree that it was a great choice. We can also all agree that tie-dye has been sneaking its way into our closest and hearts this year. Beyond it being a fun statement,  this planner and journal embody being Radiant, Authentic, and Candid. At the root of Living In Yellow that is what we hope to be and the relationship, we hope to have with you! We are so thankful for our little online family and hope you love this design as much as we do.

My favorite feature of the planner would have to be the bucket list. I’m all about adventures and exploring, but sometimes it’s hard to narrow down the possibilities or know where to start! Here at LIY we brainstormed our favorite ideas and filled them in these pages. We hope you get to cross off all the bucket list items your little heart desires in 2021, and that this planner is filled with joy, love, and less headache for your monthly plans.

I like to say “Awkward” and “Arkansas” are my two natural states. (For those that don’t know, I’m from Arkansas originally and the state motto is “The Natural State”). So, it’s only “natural” that my favorite part of the journal is the “Well, that was awkward” and “Well, that was awesome” pages to jot down some fun stories that have happened recently. I am so excited to dive in and intentionally sit down and write in this gratitude journal. Life is so full of hustle and bustle, I need to remind myself to take a moment and ENJOY the moments.


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