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Hair Care Favorites from Batiste

October 26, 2020


Erin Schrader

          Disclosure: Thank you to Ulta and ShopStyle for sponsoring today’s post. All products were selected, purchased and loved by yours truly.

Here at LIY, we’re firm believers that every day can be a good hair day and a lack of time [or desire] to wash the hairs on your head shouldn’t mean sacrificing style. I was introduced to the world of dry shampoo only a few short years ago and have never looked back. This miracle in a bottle is a game-changer [and by “game-changer” I mean life-changer] for those of us who put off hair washing for days… errr, weeks on end. Busy mornings? No problem. Too lazy to shower? Join the club. And ever since joining said dry shampoo club, I find myself asking one important question. Just how many days I can really get away without washing my mane? Spoiler Alert: it’s a lot. Insert Batiste.

Whether you’re new to dry shampoo or an old veteran like myself, you’re probably familiar with the brand Batiste. That’s because Batiste has been rocking the world of hair care [specifically dry shampoo] for years. It gets the job done, is available in several ahh-mazingly yummy scents, and comes at a price point I don’t have to feel guilty about. Today I’m introducing you to a few tried and true favorites of mine as well as a couple newbies you didn’t know you needed in your life. Drumroll please.

Original Dry Shampoo – Clean and Classic 

Drumroll please. We’re kicking things off with an oldie but a goodie– the Original Dry Shampoo. Or a lifesaver in a can, as I like to call it. Allow me to introduce you to your new BFF on days you don’t have the extra time for washing and drying. Pro Tip: Be sure to shake it up first [seriously, put your back into it] and simply spray directly onto your roots. Don’t get too close, try to spray at least 12 inches away from your scalp. Let it set for a hot minute before tousling into your scalp. Brush it out and just like that, you’re ready to roll.

Hydrating Dry Shampoo // Volumizing Dry Shampoo

Moving on to the slightly elevated shampoos. That’s right, just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, Batiste created a Hydrating Dry Shampoo [for those of us who’d like to avoid the dry look while using said shampoo] and Volumizing Dry Shampoo for the days you need a little extra oomf. The Hydrating Dry Shampoo – you guessed it – hydrates your locks while the Volumizing Dry Shampoo adds – you guessed it –  volume and texture. Use these guys the exact same way you’ve been using other Batiste products!

Batiste Foam with Cactus Water

Alright here’s where the fun part comes in. Did you know “dry shampoo” is available in foam form? What a time to be alive. While it’s not technically “dry”, it is a waterless, hydrating, cleansing foam. Shake it up first, then turn the can upside down to spray it directly into your palm- similar to a mousse. Massage it into dry hair until absorbed. It should only take about a minute to dry and voila! Never fear, it’s not sticky and doesn’t leave any funky residue. You can thank me later. 😉

Dry Conditioner

Don’t forget to condition! Last on the lineup, but certainly not least, is Dry Conditioner. Dry shampoo cleanses and refreshes your hair, while Dry Conditioner is here to smooth, hydrate and de-frizz hair between washes. Use it to restore the soft and shiny goodness to your hair or go buckwild and use it mid-day to detangle and smooth any flyaways. The world is your silky-smooth oyster.

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