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How To Bring the Coffee Shop To Your Home

April 14, 2020


Erin Schrader

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Coffee, I love you. Coffee shops, I love you more. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen the inside of a coffee shop in quite some time, and both my eyes and my tastebuds are missing it something bad [thanks, Coronavirus]. While the good ol’ single serve Keurig does the trick for giving me that daily Cup of Joe, there’s something about fresh ground coffee beans, some hot frothed milk, and whatever syrupy flavor combo I’m going for that day that I could really go for. So I figured I’d do a little research and understand what it would take to recreate some of the coffee shop experience at home, because [dog] mama needs coffee.

Tunes & My Order

First things first, no coffee shop experience is complete without some good tunes. These are a few of my favorite playlists that’ll send you straight to your favorite little coffee shop: Acoustic Hits, Acoustic Covers, Your Favorite Coffee House

Second order of business? My go-to order. Lately, it’s been a lavender chai latte, but I also love cinnamon dolce lattes!

All In One Machines

If you’re looking for a machine that will do it all – brew your traditional coffee, make espresso for fun drinks, and froth things up a bit, one of these will do just that!

Espresso Machines

For those of you who already love your coffee pot, but want to add in an espresso option, one of these standalone espresso machines does the trick!

Coffee Grinders

Does anything actually beat the smell of fresh ground coffee? I think not.


To froth, or not to froth, that is the question [answer: always froth. And always whip cream if that’s the question].

Syrups and Flavorings

Add in your flavorings of choice to replicate the perfect coffee shop drink at home! We also threw in a few recipe book ideas, or Pinterest is always a great route for that!

Coffee and Espresso Mugs

Cute mugs complete the coffee shop experience.

Pour Over & French Press

Pour over coffee or French Press may be more your style, and if that’s your case, have no fear, I’ve pulled together what you’ll need there as well!

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