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June 19, 2019


Erin Schrader

+ Rebelling against: Using a pretty opening photo for today’s blog post and going to the bathroom. Welcome.

+ Traveling to: Traverse City, Michigan with friends tomorrow! This past winter a group of us sat around our living room coffee table and drew destinations out of a Solo cup [we fancy like that] that each of us had contributed. The last piece of paper drawn was the final choice of where we’d all be headed this summer. It turns out Nashville was drawn, we vetoed it and then landed on Traverse City. The moral of the story: we suck at sticking to the rules of a game and care more about drinking wine near a beautiful body of water than listening to honky tonk apparently.

+ Reading: Death by Meeting. And now I just realized that nothing makes me sound more like a loser than admitting that’s the book I’m reading. Who knew business reads could be so fascinating? I fell asleep reading it and woke up and dove right back in. I will have never finished a book in a shorter amount of time. And now I need to shut up and move on to the next topic.

+ Loving: Coconut La Croix. I never knew bottled up drinkable suntan lotion could taste so good, but WHOA. Lather my insides La Croix because I like what you’ve got goin’ on here.

+ Listening to: Taylor Swift’s new song, “You Need to Calm Down” aka every blogger’s summer anthem ????T Swift, she’s always got our backs.

+ Avoiding: Diet and exercise. I’ve got to flip a switch soon. I know this because I had myself believing that my jeans somehow shrunk over the winter due to an Ozone Machine we had brought into the house to clear out a musty smell. It turns out that ozone machines don’t shrink jeans, however, microwaved nachos and cheese for breakfast do. Weird.

+ Eating: Everything in sight following the point above. It is no coincidence that Enneagram 7’s are known as “gluttons”. I will just never understand why carrots can’t taste like ice cream and why blueberries don’t have the same effect on me as queso.

+ Planning on: Lunch today with my family. It’s been awhile since the original 4 of us got together [my sister and my parents] without our better halves or children in tow and I always get so excited for just us to be back together and catch up.

+ Crushing on: Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick. As crushed as I was at the breakup between her and Shawn Boothe [that man’s voice will always do something to my insides], I think she’s met her perfect match. As annoying as Jason’s perfectly spoken and smooth words are sometimes, I love him and them together. Fingers crossed a proposal comes soon.

+ Nervous about: My next wax appointment, should I decide to move forward with it. If you saw my IG stories last week, you heard my feedback about how sweat-inducing getting certain parts of your body ripped off of you is. The closer “in” you go, the louder the screams got. They say it gets better the more often you have it done, but Lord have mercy, how does one test that theory after enduring what seemed like a near death experience? Then again, more than one child exists in this world so I suppose that whole “you forget with time…” theory rings true.

+ Wearing: My trusty ole matching Skye Joggers and Chelsea sweatshirt. I’d ask you to try and find a more comfortable set, but I don’t want to watch you fail so I’ll spare you the challenge.

+ Frustrated about: My inability to make decisions these days in business. Suddenly having to say this or that, yes or no, her or her, makes me want to run to another country and hide in a bush. I miss the days of childhood when decisions looked more like “do I want the juicy pear or peach Jelly Bellys!?” Answer: both.

+ Thankful for: The quiet time I had this morning [lie, it wasn’t totally quiet thanks to Taylor Swift’s anthem and the constant ringing of the bells hanging on our front door by the dogs] to write this blog post. It’s been awhile since I’ve let my creative juices flow [or any juices flow for that matter. kidding, too much?] but I hope to do it more often from here on out. I used to be good at this stuff. Now I’m reading things like Death by Meeting instead ????. It’s time for a real-life rendition of how Stella got her groove back. I’m Stella in the story…stay tuned to watch her venture down the road of finding her groove. Fingers crossed the journey involves Pina Coladas and maybe a 30 minute stint on a treadmill.

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  1. Carol says:

    Where is your kitchen light fixture from?

  2. Stacy says:

    So happy to catch up again! Your random posts were always my favorites ????

  3. Laura says:

    Hahaha on the wax. I promise with each time it gets easier! The first time…. is just. So. Bad.

  4. Lauren says:

    Love, love, love the OG blog posts!

  5. Liz Dean says:

    Awesome post!! Thank you for sharing ❤️️❤️️

  6. Dena Horvath says:

    I live in TC! I hope we get nice weather for you!

  7. Cari Mengel says:

    LOVE Traverse City! One of my top 3 favorite places to visit. The wine and the water are a perfect combination.

    Coconut La Croix is also delish with coconut vodka. Just sayin 😉

  8. Jennifer says:

    Love this and beyond relatable! Now I’m really wanting some microwave nachos. Mmm!

  9. Nancy Janke says:

    Erin … you are a breath of fresh air and you crack me up!

  10. Jmarrs says:

    I live for these posts, miss your FACE!!!!!!

  11. Lauren says:

    Go check out my friends winery while in Traverse City, it’s called Rove! Gorgeous views and amazing wine!!

    • Erin Schrader says:

      You are speaking my love language!

    • Heather says:

      Traverse City is beautiful!! I am from Michigan and have been there a few times. The Winery’s are amazing and jave the best wine. So many different kinds! Live your realness by the way!!

  12. Nancy says:

    I love these direct from you posts the best! The sponsored content and posts are great but the original Erin posts can’t be beat!

  13. Just found your blog and so I have not had time to miss these posts but LOVE this one. My fave is when bloggers show a little about what is going on with them so do make time for these every now and then (please). Even if they are really short!

  14. di says:

    Pop some ibuprofen 30 mins before your wax. Really helps! Fun times ????

  15. shelmuth says:

    oh man, there is nothing as traumatizing as that first time wax ????. I started when I was 6 mo pregnant & especially sensitive, but realized I couldn’t see to shave there anymore. Never looked back, but I still don’t look forward to the appointments either ????????‍♀️ Ibuprofen & rose water spritz are my lifesavers. My aesthetician in Goshen uses sugar paste & it’s definitely better than traditional waxing I think!

    • Erin Schrader says:

      We used the sugar paste too and I can’t imagine it being any worse with the regular wax! Pain killers are a MUST! I need to mentally prepare myself before next time!

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