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The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

June 18, 2019


Team LIY

Summer is finally here…..or at least it’s supposed to be! Over here in Indiana, we have had some unseasonably chilly weather. I’m about to do the opposite of a rain dance to try and get the sun shining and the temperatures rising! Today we are bringing you a summery little post to help you pick out the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape! Whether your face is a pretty square shape or gorgeous round shape or anything in between, we have you covered with tips and tricks for finding the perfect pair of shades to compliment YOU! And we have rounded up a bunch of trending pairs to make the shopping easy as well!

Lauren’s Aviators // Becca’s Aviators [similar] // Erin’s Aviators

Determining Your Face Shape

You might be thinking, “Well that’s great, but I don’t even know what shape my face is!” Never fear, LIY is here! We’ve got your back girlfriend! Answer the 3 questions below to determine your unique face shape! Already know your face shape? Click on the list of shapes below the questions to jump right into the tips, tricks and shopping for your perfect sunglasses!

Question 1: What is the widest part of your face?
My Jaw: Probably Square!
My Cheekbones: Probably Heart or Round!
My Forehead: Probably Oval!

Question 2: What is the shape of your jawline?
Square: Yep, you guessed it – Square!
Rounded: Probably Round or Oval!
Pointy: Probably Heart!

Question 3: What is the length of your face?
Long: Probably Oval!
Short: Could be Square, Heart or Round!

Now that you know what shape your face is, it’s time for the tips! Choose your face shape below to find your perfect pair of sunglasses!


Becca’s Aviators [similar] // Cassidy’s Cat Eyes [similar] // Claire’s Retro Squares [similar]

Sunglasses for Round Faces

Well, hello gorgeous! You have a round shaped face like the beautiful Steph above! As far as sunglasses go, angles are your friend! Squared-off edges provide contrast to the softer curves of your face. Look for a pair of square sunnies, an edgy cat eye, or an angular pair of oversized shades like the ones Steph is rocking here! Check out the round up below of sunglasses that are perfect for your pretty face!

Sunglasses for Oval Faces

Hey, pretty lady! You have a beautiful oval face just like Hannah! The best thing about that is you can pull off either rounded or angular sunglasses — the world is pretty much your oyster! Try out a pair of aviators, rectangular or square like the cute pair Hannah has on above! Just make sure to avoid any shades that are too large for your face. Check out the round up below of sunglasses that will work well with your oval face!

Sunglasses for Square Faces

Girlfriend, you have a square face — join the party! [I do too!] To provide contrast to the angles of your jawline, you will want to opt for sunnies with softer, rounded edges. You can rock the heck out of round sunglasses, aviators, or a cute pair of cat eyes, like the ones my girl Cassidy is wearing above! Check out all our other suggestions for your square shaped face below!

Sunglasses for Heart Faces

Well, aren’t you cute? You have a heart shaped face, just like Erin! To compliment your face shape, choose frames that are wider at the top than they are at the bottom. Cat eye, retro square or aviators [like the ones Erin is wearing above] will look great on you! Check out a selection of other sunglasses that are best for heart shaped faces in the round up below!

Knowing how to style your face shape is a handy trick to have up your sleeve! Hopefully now that you’re in the know, shopping for sunglasses will be so much easier! Looks like the sun is finally peeking out, throw on your new pair of shades and enjoy the sunshine!

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