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My Goal & Word For 2019

January 4, 2019


Erin Schrader

There is no greater week during the year in my opinion than the very first week of the new year. I love reflecting on the previous year, fresh starts, setting goals and all of the challenges and opportunities a new year presents. It’s a time to look back and think about what I was proud of, what I wasn’t proud of and how I can take all of those jumbled thoughts and put a plan in place down on paper.

Over the past several years, I’ve stopped making resolutions and have started setting goals instead. To me, resolutions felt more like I was focusing on what I wanted to stop where goals make me feel challenged and excited for what I want to DO. I’ve also learned that I suck horribly at resolutions [come February 1st I’ve already forgotten about what it is I resolved to do] where goals seem to stay top of my mind for much longer.

With 2019 rolling into town, I’ve been thinking long and hard about a word that summarizes what I ultimately want to accomplish this year. In doing so, I had to look back at 2018 and really pay attention to what I felt like I struggled with or all of the times I caught myself mentally telling myself “I need to get better at this…” After writing down these things, one word came to mind and it has stuck – REGARD. Regard in the literal verb sense means: consider or think of (someone or something) in a specified way and as a noun: attention to or concern for something.

In being transparent and honest with myself, I have come to know and learn about myself that I struggle with neglecting the things that matter. My health, my closest relationships, work deadlines and the list goes on. I can’t count the number of times I have left texts or emails go unanswered, how many times I could have worked out but didn’t and how often something on my to-do list gets moved from day to day for weeks [or even months]. Is it because I’m “too busy”? Absolutely not, I have a lot of time on my hands. Is it because I don’t have an answer or know how to complete the task? 99.9% of the time, I am properly equipped and able to tend to the task. But is it because I haven’t regarded the relationship, the job or myself with enough respect to get it done? Yes.

It’s easy to find yourself in a selfish state of mind and I’m there. Here’s a quick look at how I plan to stay honest with myself and my goal of having regard in 2019 by asking these questions in a weekly scheduled appointment on my calendar with myself:

  • Relationship Regard: Have I answered texts, calls, emails and messages from the week? Did I put Shawn’s schedule and desires first? Is there somebody I need to reach out to or visit?
  • Health Regard: Did I do something good for myself physically or mentally this week?
  • Work Regard: Did I do what I said I would/committed to this week? Have I shown our community respect this week?
  • Spiritual Regard: Did I do something to invest in my relationship with the Lord this week?

Do I know I will fail often? Yes. But do I know that if I can keep this top of mind and ask myself these questions regularly I will be doing better than I am today? That is the goal.

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Here’s to making 2019 one of the best years yet….

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