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August 1, 2014


Erin Schrader

It’s no surprise around here that I love to make lists centered around having fun. Take my recent birthday post for example. You know how some people geek out about video games and Harry Potter? I do that about things like chanting “USA! USA!” in a bar or singing “Friends In Low Places” with thousands of strangers while walking across a bridge in Nashville. These are the things that make life good people. 
With that being said, it should be of no surprise that when I recently stumbled upon Malibu’s Best Summer Ever YouTube channel I got all sorts of excited. Basically Malibu Rum [umm, yes please] is encouraging people to create a list of all the crazy/super random/totally fun things they want to do this Summer. Obviously I just spent the last hour looking at all of their suggestions and chose the following… 
Hello. Lifting yourself with balloons—-WHY HAVE I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS? The thing about getting my face on TV. Well, I have somewhat of a history with that. It turns out that I can’t slyly walk behind a news station reporter interviewing a person. I have this internal thing inside my body that says “See camera–jump, throw arms in the air, yell, and repeat”. I’m hoping that should be an easy one to tackle. Saying yes to everything for a whole day–all I have to say to that one is yes. Trying 5 new things in the city I live–love this one as I often complain about how little there is to do around here. However, if I would actually start doing stuff I could be easily entertained. Cow tipping anyone? Last but not least, getting an upgrade to first class–that’s always been one of my bucket list items and one that has still never happened. Pour me some dom perignon and serve me some fine cheeses stewardess. Thank you. 
Other items that I have decided must happen are as follows…
+ Spontaneously go to dinner with friends in a limo. Cars are so overrated. 
+ Drink both a Bramble On and The Safeword at The J. Parker in Chicago while watching the air and water show
+ Attend a Tom Petty concert. Somewhere, anywhere, I don’t care
+ Go to Ikea and purchase at least 5 things I don’t need but absolutely have to have 
+ Dance at a bar on 4th Street Live in Louisville, KY 
+ Spend a Sunday riding bikes with friends stopping off at different places to eat and drink 
+ Throw a dart on a map and go [totally stole this off of Malibu’s list
+ Rent a motor home for a weekend and drive to a beach I’ve never been to 
And that concludes my very own #BestSummerEver list. Check out Malibu and create your own list. Better than that though—scratch those items off asap. But before you go, what’s one thing you would have on your list? I want to hear it [and possibly steal it]. We’ve got one solid month of Summer left people, go make it the best one yet. 

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