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I Guess This Means It’s Official

July 31, 2014


Erin Schrader

Well, there she is friends–a teeny glimpse at the place we will now be calling home. I figured I should give you a little more detail on the current situation of the home and how we aren’t living there yet and blah blah blah. Long story short, we wanted a house on the water. A place where we could have a boat in the backyard, canoes to wake up to on Sunday morning, and jet skis that can release my inner speed demon. We looked at several houses over the past few months but weren’t having any luck finding one that we knew we would be happy to call home. A month [or what feels like forever] ago we found this one up above, located on a local river which spans 206 miles [I like it long, what can I say]. And while we deemed her “the one” we also deemed her “the one we are going to change every square inch of”. Besides the color of one fireplace [it’s currently a grey brick and I’m pretty smitten by it], I am pretty confident every other single thing will be changing. The floors, the walls, heck even the ceiling [hellllllloooo painted wood planks] are going to be Schrader-ized. With that being said, we won’t be moving in for another month or two.

So what do you do with a house that you are about to change everything to? Well, you invite all of your friends and family over for a party. You bust out the markers for the kids to draw all over the walls that are being knocked down [or for the adults who like to draw human private parts…], you consume copious amounts of wine and/or captain, you eat cheese upon cheese [because duh], and you enjoy your first and last day in your new “as-is” house.

I am so excited for this venture of ours and can’t wait to share it with you as we go. A few of you have requested pictures of the house however, just know they are coming. I will be doing full before and after reports on every room as we finish, just give me a few weeks for the first one. I have a lot of work to watch my husband do in the meantime 😉

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