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Well The Good News Is….

June 30, 2014


Erin Schrader

I’ve got some good news and some not so good news. 
Lets start with the bad. I didn’t take a single photo on my real camera this weekend. On the blogging scale of horrible (10 being how dare you) this is a 14. I’m a little bit kicking myself in the shins and a little bit I could care less. Mostly kicking myself in the shins though. 
The good news is that I had a great weekend and most definitely one that should have been documented. It ranged from attending a concert, getting a pedicure, running in my first ever color run, eating lunch with an old friend of mine, taking several fireball shots, sleeping on a boat for a good majority of my Sunday, and all of that other fun stuff. Oh and hey–my husband successfully turned 30 which has me all “omg we are so old” because if you think about it, 30 is half way to 60 and 60 is well over half way to dead. Basically we are screwed. Anyhow, happy birthday husband of mine. I am so glad that you lived through the Jimmy Buffet concert you went to. Every year I give you about a 70/30 survival rate, but every year you come out alive like a boss. Proud of you. Back to the point at hand, I do have a few iPhone pics so I suppose those will have to do for now. Please excuse my mistake. I promise it will never ever happen again–until this coming weekend when I forget to get my camera out of my purse yet again. 
Turns out I’ve got some other good news (lets face it–it’s Monday..we need all of the happy we can get right now). You see, some sweet friends of mine got together and decided they should give one of you an awesome prize consisting of PayPal cash, free clothing, free jewelry, free blog planning kits, and all sorts of other insane things you never knew you absolutely need. Be sure to check out these awesome peeps/shops and then get yourself entered. 
Happy shortened work week party people. USA! USA! USA! 
Mata Traders // MATALIVESINYELLOW for 10% off

 Shop // Blog: Domestic Mama // LIY10 for 10% off 
Love and Whiskey // Use code livinginyellow for 20% off
Deloom // Use code LIY for free shipping

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