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In My Next Life, I Will Be Erin Andrews.

May 12, 2014


Erin Schrader

Every once in awhile I think it’s fun to partner up with another blogger that I enjoy and ask them a few questions, interview style. I think it’s my inner Erin Andrews coming out [minus the part where I know almost nothing about sports and the part about her being gorgeous]. Today I thought it would be fun to chat with my California lover, Lindsay from La Vita Dolce. Some of you may know her, some of you may not. Regardless of your answer on that one, you do want to read through to the end. There is 110% chance that Lindsay is giving away a summer fun gift bag of sorts complete with none other than little cans of malibu and pineapple. And that should clear up any questions on why I chose her of all people to interview 😉 

1. Food is my ultimate love. If you could eat three things for the rest of your life what would they be?

Omg I love food! I am always hungry, I could eat all day long if getting fat wasn’t an issue . I am a sucker for chips and guacamole. I eat it like it’s no ones business, oh and paired with a margarita. yup…all set. Italian food…bread, wine, cheese, wine, pasta. All things that make those love handles never go away!  Ice cream. I never ever say no to ice cream. Never. Oh and alcohol, I may sound like I am an alchy, but I love my drinks!  Notice a pattern…all unhealthy.

a girl after my own heart….

2. What is your favorite go-to outfit? 

My go to outfit as of late: tank, shorts or maxi skirt, and sandals. And by as of late, I mean all the freakin time!
3. You speak openly about infertility. Is it harder or easier to be so open and vulnerable about this subject in your blog? 

Honestly at first I was a little nervous talking about our struggle with having a family and letting the world know it is my fault we aren’t getting pregnant. But then I realized there are so many women out there who struggle as well, and connecting with them has been a huge blessing. Every situation is a little different, but we are all going through the struggle of wanting babies, and having that support system is game changer. I have more positive days and less pity party days, now that I know we aren’t the only ones struggling. We will be parents one day, I just know it.
you could always adopt me, just sayin….

4. So you live in California. How did you become so lucky? I MUST KNOW. 

Well back in the 70’s my parents met, and well some years later on one steamy night things happened and 9 month later…I popped out 😉 I have grown up in southern California. Going to the beach on a regular basis is pretty darn awesome, although I am actually not a huge fan of swimming in the ocean. I mostly enjoy tanning while listening to the waves. Being an hour or so drive to the most gorgeous beaches, is my kind of lifestyle. Not to mention it is totally normal to wear tanks, sandals and shorts 90% of the time, my kind of wardrobe. Not sure I could ever leave the beaches. They make me so so happy, especially Coronado Island. A piece of my heart will forever be there.
remember how I said you could adopt me? but seriously…

5. Outside of blogging, how do you enjoy your time?  

The husband, aka Tony, and I, love being outdoors.I go stir crazy when I am inside too long. Weekends are our time to be moving around, enjoying the sun, {indulging} eating out. Because isn’t that what you do on weekends, stuff your face? Paddle board, bike riding, roller blading, hiking, shooting {guns that is}, working out, and all that pretty much sums up my life. 

not a bad sounding life if you ask me! 

Because Lindsay is the epitome of a sun child, I thought it was perfect for her giveaway option of choice–a gift bag complete with a beach towel, sunscreen, lip balm, and those mini bottles of malibu and pineapple! What more do you need for the next several months? Nothing, that’s what. Be sure to enter below but first pay a visit to Lindsay and read more about what she is all about! 

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