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Our Weekend In Photos

May 12, 2014


Erin Schrader

And just like that, another weekend is in the books. Two things–first, on the weather scale Indiana scored a 12 out of 10 this weekend. Mad props to you sunshine and warmth. At one point I was sweating–SWEATING. I didn’t even know I was capable of such a thing anymore. Two, it’s almost the middle of May already. I don’t understand this. I promise you last week it was the end of January and I was swearing at the amount of snow that never stopped falling. How it goes from that to sitting outside for dinner with friends in a matter of what seemed like 7 days I’m not sure, but I’ll take it.

Between the Alt For Everyone conference I attended [all from behind my computer], sitting outside at Starbucks for four hours [yes four], wandering around our local farmers market, celebrating my mother with an outdoor lunch, spilling ice cream all over my dog’s head, and breaking in the boat for the first time this year, it was fantastic. Here’s a little bit of what took place from behind the lens of my camera. I still can’t decide if I over-edited these photos but that’s neither here nor there at this point. Popcorn and pineapple is calling my name and you know that those are two things I can’t hit the ignore button on. COMING POPPY PINEY. [that’s the cute name for popcorn and pineapple].

This would be pre-ice cream spill. She is now sticky and a teeny tiny bit more of a hot mess than she typically is. I could give her a bath but then that would involve giving her a bath so I think I’ll pass and just love her past her imperfect fur. Reason number two million why I don’t have currently have kids. I would choose love over bath time.

Because my mom went and decided to give birth to me [holler] I decided I would cook [which actually means purchase everything and make nothing] lunch…I thought it seemed like a fair trade off. Also, I’m pretty sure hosting lunch is equivalent to giving birth. Having to remember to take things out of the oven at a certain time is worth at least three solid pushes of a kids head through your you know what. Which reminds me, somebody please tell me that the whole kid coming out of your vajayjay is a joke. Certainly those measurements don’t line up. Anyhow, happy mothers day moms. Jobs well done getting us kids out..however that may be. Let’s eat! 

And because going through birth was so stressful [just think guys–we had to be the ones to come out of that little space] I found it necessary to wind down Mothers Day out on the water with a silver bullet in hand, toes in the air, and a smile plastered on my face. Pretty sure that’s the same position I was when in the womb.

All in all, it was pretty great and I am so thankful for days like these.

ps. On a more serious note–thank you to all of the moms out there. You make this world such an incredible special place to be. The way that you perform the hardest task ever given with such love and passion is admirable. Way to go mamma’s, you rock. But seriously, I am sorry about your private parts. #ouch

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