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February 5, 2014


Erin Schrader

+ Anybody out there know how to drop 10 pounds in 5 hours? A friend wants to know. 
+ I was curious as to what I looked like four years ago from today. After a little photo digging, I found it. 
Nothing has changed. Absolutely nothing. Martini in face, eyeballs big, and same highlights in my hair. I pride myself in changing it up never. 
+ I then found a picture of myself offering a mug of hot coffee to a toddler, so that’s responsible and stuff. 
+ Do you ever just wish that the person walking in front of you would fall for the sake of a good laugh? Good, me neither. 
+  You know what doesn’t drive me crazy? Sunshine, warmth, beaches, and beer. Do you know what does drive me crazy? Everything not mentioned above. 
+ Bruno Mars. I’m not sure what your thoughts are on him but mine are !!!!!!!!!! 
That means I absolutely love him and want nothing more than to be front and center at one of his concerts soon. I also want a personal serenade but I’ll settle for the front and center thing. You can take that as literal as you would like. 
+ I wrote my first ever cuss word in a blog post yesterday. I told Shawn I felt like a baller. I guess that’s what happens when people who don’t cuss write a cuss word in a blog post. I’m going to go beat up a ninja now. 
+ If you are like me and hate hard….cookies, you are in luck. I published my most favorite cookie recipe on my food blog today
Speaking of that food blog, there is no logic behind it rather than it’s just a fun experiment and I mean, #YOLO. 
+ Do people still read whole blog posts? Raise your hand if you do. 
+ Last but not least, my dreams of being the salsa dancer are over. I know this only because I was deemed the dancing twins by the official “what type of emoji are you?” quiz. 
Please take the quiz and tell me in the comments what you were. If you even say salsa dancer…girlfriend, watch out. 

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