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April 4, 2013


Erin Schrader

This was the request posed on Twitter this evening…

The ideas started rolling in. And because I think it would be considered discrimination to just select one idea, I am going to address every single one of the ideas presented for today’s post. Friends, I present you: 

“Ideas stolen from other people while I am on my period and can’t think for myself”

First up we have Charissa who would like me to talk about Awkward and Awesome. Well Charissa, let’s start with awesome. I will not have to worry about wearing tampons next week now in Arizona!!!!! 
And for awkward…the other day while sitting at my desk I randomly said (loudly) “____ Credit Union this is Erin, can I help you?!” thinking I was answering the phone. Except my phone wasn’t even ringing. It was weird. Even more awkward was that I said “Oh. They must have hung up” just so my co-workers didn’t think I was absolutely insane shouting out greetings for no reason at all. 

Next up we have Helene who would like me to talk about what makes me happy. I’ll tell you Helene. You make me happy. That and this peach champagne I am drinking as I write. Cheers. 

Meighan thought it would be a good idea to link up to Never Have I Ever. Except here’s the problem Meighan. I don’t believe in the word never. In fact I never say it. Ever. 

Danielle wanted me to write about what the cashier thought about me when I brought 20 boxes of macaroni and cheese to the register on Tuesday. 

Well Danielle, I took it through the self checkout lane. I refuse to go to anything but the self checkout lane. Ever. I hate going to a live cashier at the grocery store. You may think this is odd but I blame it on anxiety. Anything that takes longer than 2 minutes make me get jumpy. Waiting for somebody to ring up my groceries makes me extra jumpy. So that’s that. In other news, can you believe I am mailing all of those boxes out? Me either. Peace out  $100 spent on mac and cheese and postage. #neversaynever

Alissa thought I should share with you all how much I love her. I LOVE YOU ALISSA. 

My homeboy Darin suggested I talk about what I would do if I won a million dollars. Well Darin, I would probably buy a pair of sweet Princess Jasmine pajamas first. Then I would fill that cart up above with about 400 additional boxes of mac and cheese. With whatever is left I’d invest in Chipotle stock. 
Thanks for asking. 

Taylor gave me an idea to write 26 random facts all starting with a different letter of the alphabet. I think Taylor forgot I started my period today and my brain doesn’t even know what the alphabet is right now. 

The precious Heather thought maybe I should talk about how I add sparkle to my life. Well Heather, I go to the strip club for that. Isn’t that what we all do for extra sparkle?

Cayla wants to know what my favorite yellow things are. CLOTHES CAYLA. 

And apparently yellow teeth too. 

The lovely Carissa thought I should write about something Spring related. Well Carissa, I would but my car told me it was 22 degrees this morning. How I am supposed to be all hopped up on spring when I am freezing my you know whats off is beyond me. So instead I will just remind you all that I am moving to Hawaii. Soon. Very soon. 

And that my friends, completes blogging according to Twitter. Thank you for all of the great suggestions. 
Perhaps we should do this again sometime? See you in about 28 days. That’s the normal length of my cycle according to my app that keeps track of all of this womanly stuff. 

Today’s featured superstar is Skye from Feathering Our Nest

I say superstar because that is exactly what Skye is in my book. The girl is incredible. Have I sold you yet?
Okay I’ll keep going. I first came upon Skye when landing on her incredible virtual assistant website. I knew she was legit from that point forward. Then I had the pleasure of video chatting with this lovely face and realized even more how much I admire her. Not only is she 50 shades of cray (seriously funny), she is expecting her first little one very soon (momma’s go give her encouragement!), and has had to deal with some heavy heavy life events like losing her precious mother

Skye is a girl that you need to get to know in the blogging world. Her heart, her humor, her vulnerability, her brains…she draws me in and inspires me. Want to feel the same? Get clickin’ her way. 
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