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Pressing Into Happiness

February 7, 2013


Erin Schrader

This whole happiness thing has been on my mind for the past few days. 
Now hear me out..I am happy. I am not questioning that. However, I have found myself asking this question:
 “am I actually actively pursing happiness?” Yesterday I posted how I was in a rut so to speak and blamed winter and all of her cold, gray, ways. But then I got to thinking about what I have done lately that has truly fueled that happiness flame inside of me. We all have those things that ignite our light (ie: popping champagne bottles, listening to live music, talking to Giuliana Rancic on the phone, etc). Some days we choose to lean into those things, and some days (or months) we somehow forget that “Hey!! There are certain things that have a way of making me feel alive again!” And well, I think I had forgotten. 

Honestly I think all of this dawned as me as I was scrolling through Instagram (the root of all deep thinking) and I was paying attention to Kelle Hampton’s photos. I don’t know if you all read her blog, follow her on Instagram, or whatever but if you don’t..I highly recommend you start. That woman has a firm grasp on what stirs her happy little soul and oh does she act on it. After looking at some of her photos I started asking myself what I have done recently that has made my heart beat a little faster. Instead of pressing into those things, I have found myself drawing back. Why? I’m not sure..but I had. 

Instantly I knew I had to do something..anything to crack my spell. The first thing that came to mind to take me to my “happy place” was the nail salon. Manicure: Check. Pedicure: Check. One Hour Massage: Check. 

bracelet from miss chic

It was a good start. And then today struck and wouldn’t you know, that sun I that I swear I haven’t seen in months came out to play. I knew this was reason to celebrate. 

So celebrate we did. And sure it may have been only 30 degrees but it was fabulous dang it. I dig fabulous.

Here’s a few other little tid bits of happiness.

jumping in front of the ocean + pretty little notebooks
the best smelling candle. ever. 

Not pictured would be doing the Tootsie Roll while removing the Christmas tree tonight. I highly recommend that one. Also not pictured was consulting with Brooke this evening as well. Do you know how fun it is to actually get to talk to somebody after reading the their words for months on end? Fun I tell you. 

So that’s where I am at right now. 
Actively pursuing the little things that bring me back to life. 
What little things ignite your light? 
It’s an awfully good question to ponder and an even better question to act on. 


Let us never stop attacking all things good. 
Have fun you little happy nuggets. 

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kinda obsessed with this one

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