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Pointless Picture Friday

November 30, 2012


Erin Schrader

Well shoot.
My brain doesn’t seem to want to function right now so I have deemed today’s post
“Pointless Picture Friday”.
Too bad it’s not Priday. The whole F in Friday is really cramping my style.
What is Pointless Picture Friday you ask?
Great question…let’s find out.
It is a day where I just post random pictures that I think are pretty cool.
All of which I don’t think I’ve ever shown you before.
This means I have probably shown them to you before but I just don’t remember.
Let’s begin.
Oh this? This is a picture of me standing behind a professional photographer about to get hit by a wave. Whether I laughed or not after he got hit by the wave is up for discussion.
Next up–TJ. Or RJ. Or whatever the heck his name is. I just think he is hot. That’s really all on this picture.
Amazefest 2012 Strawberry Shortcake….that I wish I was consuming right now.
I kinda think it’s funny. And I don’t even cuss. I just really like assh’s.
Now this on the other hand…this is legitimately funny.
I have jealousy issues when it comes to dogs lives.
I don’t care who you are…that is gorgeous.
This on the other hand, is not. Which reminds me. Next time I think it’s socially acceptable to leave the house with wet hair, hardly any make-up, and well…a blow fish face, just tell me that it is not.
And that wraps up our first (and last) edition of Pointless Picture PFriday.
On that note–I’m outta here.
I’ve got a hot date with a big bed and an even bigger blanket.
Awesome doesn’t even begin to describe what’s about to take place.
Sleep my friends…I’m talking about sleep.
In honor of this sucky blog post—tell me something funny below. 

A joke…a funny movie line (Christmas Vacation quotes are my favorite. “Can’t see the line can ya Russ? Russ?”) or just your weekend plans. Really anything will you do. Maybe just say hi.

Or feel inclined to tell me this post was a waste of a click.
It was a waste of a click…well unless you really wanted to know that I have a major cuddle fest  planned with a big ole blanket in my bed happening in .2 seconds, in which case, #winning.

Until next time…go read this blog.
Adios friends. 

ps. I think I had plans today to tell you all how much you rock…how much I adore you…and how I love the heck outta ya. Consider yourself told. Although you know what..I’m sure I’ll tell you again soon. Mwaaaaaaaaaaaaah.


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