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Oh Happy Day.

October 26, 2012


Erin Schrader

I come to you tonight with a rum and diet in hand, no pants on, and a grin on my face.
That might have something do with the rum and diet slash no pants gig.
Don’t worry.
The only reason they are off is because they were absolutely covered in grass.
I decided to snag the trophy for world’s best wife tonight by mowing, sweeping off the driveaway, AND picking up leaves with my bare hands.
Did you guys know that you actually have to pick up leaves with your hands sometimes to get them out of your yard?
Yeah I didn’t either until tonight.
Surely I thought some genius would’ve invented a way by now to not have to physically bend down and pick up the leaves up with your hands.
Hey man who just jumped out of a bubble from 120,000 feet in the air…you think you could get on this task sometime soon?
I was just looking through my phone and realized I have few photos that pack a lot of “hey that makes me happy” punch.  Let’s begin.
1. Lunch hours spent outside enjoying the 75 degree temps in late October.
2. Date nights at Chipotle. Obsessed.
3. Leaves that match my toes. More specifically, leaves that aren’t in my yard that match my toes.
1. My muscular husband loading up our new goochie goo couch.
2. Mac and cheese. Need I say more?
3. Having a dog that demands we go through the Jimmy Johns drive thru. If you insist….
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And then I found these girls photos.
And I thought oooooh now these. These pictures REALLY make me happy.
Let’s begin.
First up, Shanna. A girl so cute I could eat her.
Except then I wouldn’t be able to read her blog (like I do daily). I am pretty sure she had me at this outfit. Shanna’s blog is growing like wildfire and it’s no surprise. Funny+Real+Fashionable+Good writer=A recipe for success. The girl gets more comments than people who live in my hometown. Perhaps you should leave her one?
This next lady I am sure you have all heard of. 
Kelly is her name and hot legs are her game. I could go on about her but that would defeat the purpose of this post. Kelly is the genius behind The Messy Project (seriously such a cool idea…check it out asap). I constantly find myself amazed with how well Kelly connects with her readers. Seriously. She does it all. If you are in search of a California girl to be jealous of, this blog is for you.
Next up is Erin. Let’s be real. I could stop there and we would already know she is awesome ; ) 
Not only does she hold the Eifle Tower in the palm of her hand, she writes a pretty great blog, AND makes scarves out of t-shirts. If that doesn’t scream awesome I don’t know what does. Oh wait, I know what else does. Making fun of yourself. Do yourself a favor and go check Erin out.


And last but not least, we have Debbie.
A big part of me just wanted to say Little Debbie just then. She has a strong love for her hunny, photography, and Friday’s letters. Her spot on the web is a little piece of real life. The good, the bad, and the inbetween. I am going to go ahead and suggest you pay her a visit.


Annnnd there we have it friends.
Speaking of friends, how pumped are you that you just made 4 new ones?
If only making friends was as easy in real life as it is in blog land….


I’m off to go dodge every window in sight.
You know, to save the neighbor kids of having to see me..well pantless.
ps. Anybody else buy the new Taylor Swift CD? I’m totally diggin’ it.
Happy weekend lover beans.


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