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If You Really Knew Me..(The Real Deal).

August 7, 2012


Erin Schrader

Sorry about yesterday’s breast milk//bread stick interruptions.
You never know when those two things are going to be interrupt blog life…
Anyhow—today I am back and ready to spill all.
Not that there is much to spill, I feel as though I’m pretty open on here
{a safe and good idea for the internet so I’ve heard..}
I figured there has to be SOME things I have yet to share, so why not do so now?
I want to make sure I have NO secrets with strangers.
Let’s begin this whole “If you really knew me” thing.
{Special thanks to this lady for creating this idea…without you, I’d have nothin’ today}
…On a typical day I have shoes on for less than an hour.
I believe in being barefoot as much as possible. Pretty much like a nomad. In fact, I will leave the house barefoot depending on my final destination (ie: friends houses, drive-thrus, etc) Hopefully someday I will proudly walk into public restrooms barefoot like miss Britney Spears. Because that seems clean and logical..
I am anxious way more than I am calm. However, I am very laid back. Find the logic there because I am still searching.
…I brush my hair once a day. And that is right after I blow dry it. I refuse to brush it any other time because I think it makes it go flat instantly. Tangles and hairspray chunks are always welcome on my head. Flatness and I don’t get along well. Which brings me to my next point…
{Me. With brushed hair–take a picture, it won’t last long. Oh wait..}
…Bras. I don’t own one that actually fits. It might have something to do with the $20 spending limit I put on bras. Or maybe it’s because while I have that spending limit I usually stick to around $5. Best fitting bra you own? Tell me in the comments. I need your support. Pun intended.
…Spending money. While I do have limits on bras, I am not one to keep track of how much I am spending on a shopping trip. It’s not a great habit of mine, nor does it fare well with the husband. I figure if it fits, looks cute, and is less than $30, I can’t be spending THAT much…until I come home and realize I just bought 14 pieces of items that fit, were cute, and less than $30 each (hopefully).
…I did not attend college and do not regret it one ounce. While I do believe that college education is great, I don’t find it necessary for everybody. It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. And that my friends, is a fact. Now if only I could meet some really powerful people…..
…I get hyper after I have meals. Always have, always will. I love eating and eating loves me. Hence why I feel the need to sing, dance, and shout after dinner.
…I am scared to death of sickness. For me, my family, my friends, my dog, etc.
…Stripes. Big or small, I love them all and wear them constantly.
Tank: Old Navy//Jeans: Forever 21//Shoes On Left: Crocs (LOVE)//Flats: Old Navy {similar}
…I prefer to be alone the majority of the time. Driving, shopping, relaxing….I like it all alone. I say all of this, but very rarely am I actually alone. I have a tendency to fill every waking hour with some type of activity so it seems. But those times that I do get to myself? Heaven I tell you. Pure Heaven.
And that’s that. I could probably list 1,232 more items but that might get a little long.
Maybe we’ll do this on another day when I have nothing else to blog about.
Expect more tomorrow 😉
Joke. I have really important things to talk about. Including but not limited to: Fall Outfits.
If that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will.
Have a good one kids. 


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