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Fall Into Fashion

August 8, 2012


Erin Schrader

Oh how I wish you all could have witnessed the makings of this post.
Track with me for a second {I think that means follow along? This preacher at my church says “are you trackin'” and I think it’s kinda cool. And because I am not original, I am now using his word..}
So back to the makings of this post–I had this great idea right?
It involved clothes. More specifically clothes for fall.
And I thought it would be like so neat to pick out some fun fall outfits and share them with you all.
So that’s what I set out to do.
And then I realized I was at home. Alone. With nobody to take pictures of me. Smack dab in the middle of the day. Insert this:
That my friends would be a tripod.
Not just any tripod though–one made of bar stools and a pile of books.
Perfectly positioned right out my neighbors back door {and yes, they were watching}
And that’s where it went down hill….
There is something about being on display in the middle of the day, taking pictures of yourself in outfits that are made for 30 degrees less than the current temperature, and posing for a chair with a pile of books on it that is well,  awkward.
Ironic I know.
Back to my idea though.
My original plan was to get all of these glamorous amazing “natural” looking pictures of myself like all of the other fashion bloggers do and post them to this blog.
My next plan was to have you all pin the crap out of my pictures to Pinterest because they would be so incredible. 
See how great of a plan that was?
Well, here is my new plan.
I will still post my pictures.
They will not be glamorous, nobody will pin them, BUT you can at least laugh at my poor attempt to be a fashion blogger.

Speaking of being a fashion blogger….why isn’t modeling pajamas considered a good idea?
I’d dominate that field. 

Snuggie <–Get your own Zebra print for less than $7//Slippers: Gap

So anyhow, here we go folks.
Today my “fall into fashion” outfits were green inspired.
I don’t know if any of you have walked into a store recently but that is all I am seeing.
Green this, green that, green here, green there…you get it.
Without further ado, the most awkward fashion post of my life:
Cardigan: Bass//Jeans: Old Navy//Boots: Target
Sweater: Old Navy//Bracelet: Cents Of Style
Shirt, Jeans, Necklace: Banana Rebublic

I personally believe that gold looks the best with green.
And gold happens to be more a fall color.
Or at least I think. I really have no idea. You did see my tripod right?
Here are some of my faves in the gold department.

Earrings on left: Target//Bracelet & Earrings on Right: Kohls//Necklace: Bip and Bop
So there you have it kids.
My first “fall fashion” post.
How freaking exciting. 
pleated poppy


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