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Dear Diary,

August 3, 2012


Erin Schrader

Hi diary.
It’s me, Erin.
I know it’s been awhile and well, I kinda miss you.
Now that I think about it, I am pretty sure the last time I spoke to you was when I was gushing over how much I loved the boy with dimples in second grade.
Can you still believe that even after buying the Alanis Morissette CD just to impress him we didn’t end up together? Me either diary. He must not have liked the hair higher than my ear look because it certainly couldn’t have been the sweatshirts fault….
It’s okay though. I have since hired him to be my personal wine pourer.
Wine > Boys.
Remember that diary.
Back to you though diary.
I especially miss your snoopy cover and padlock.
You were so cute.
And so secretive.
Too bad my parents never learned to put a padlock on me..
That’s a joke diary.
Speaking of, I am married now, did you hear?
To a man at that! Chick-fil-A is so proud of me.
You know what marriage means don’t you diary?
That “S” word. Yes, that sacred “I can’t get enough” word.
I am in love with it.
Which would explain why I just woke up from a nap at 6:30 pm on a Thursday night.
I think I am getting lazy diary.
Oh hey you know what else happened since 1998?
I started a blog.
{I love you blogging room}
I think its kinda cool although it makes me kinda tired sometimes.
Hence that nap I just mentioned….
But I really do love it diary.
It makes me want to be creative and shaz.
In fact, I recently started daydreaming about writing a book or something crazy like that.
I have these friends now who do this kind of stuff.
Like Taylor.
She wrote her own freakin’ book diary! In a week. And it’s hilarious. I am debating on whether or not I should keep her around as a friend. Anybody who writes the most hilarious children’s book {for adults} has to have a little bit of sketchiness to them. Or at least her brilliant illustrator friend does.
And then there is Regina.
She published an e-book on Photoshopping for Bloggers, which I think is pretty neat diary.

{purchase book here–enter code PHOTOSHOPPING and get 25% off}
It has real, easy to read, step-by-step procedures on how to actually use Photoshop.
Proving to me that all things are not impossible.
Anyhow, it makes me want to shout to every blogger out there “BUY THIS E-BOOK!!!!”
But instead I will yell about how good my photo editing skills are.
Enough about how awesome other people are though.
Let’s talk about me.
I like to shop. A lot. And eat. A lot.
Speaking of, I was just told I need to start eating better.
By my husband.
Something about the Dunkin Donuts and Dilly Bar I ate today, I don’t know.
I bet if I would’ve married a girl she would understand my need for chocolate.
But no diary. I couldn’t do that. I like to sleep remember?
On the bright side, I don’t do any drugs diary.
Well, besides twizzlers.
I do smoke those on occasion.
Please don’t judge.
I feel like I could write forever to you diary.
It’s just me and you….just me and you.
Okay and maybe a few extra thousand people, but that’s neither here nor there.
If you are okay with it, I am too.
I love you diary.
Velcro sandals, knobby knees, hooded tanks, and all.

Til next time.


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