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Some Things In This Post Are Cute. Some Are Not. You Be The Judge.

August 2, 2012


Erin Schrader

Hey girls heeeeeeeeeeeey.
K, I have like 3.2 minutes to pump this post out.
Not kidding.
Two factors working against this blog right now…
1. My husband just got back from being in Canada. Any Canadians out there eh? Hollller.
2. I have spent the last three hours of my evening playing with the freakiest dolls I have ever seen in my life. You may think I am being dramatic right now but wait…..
Shirt//Necklace {similar} 
And….boom goes the dynamite.
My mind is still trying to wrap around the fact that these dolls were created with a purpose.
A purpose for kids to hug them, love them, and tell them “awwww you are sooooo cute”.
Which is exactly what my two year old niece did.
And then I vomited.
But maybe that was because of my old self portraits. Not the dolls.

Whoever said sunflowers aren’t sexy clearly hasn’t seen my 4th grade picture.
Same with mullets. My sister was a knockout sportin’ that sucker. Party in the back baby.
Anyhow—I just wanted to pop in (pop) (<—that was me popping) and show off a few things that have made their way to my closet recently.
Shocker I know.
Have y’all heard of Cents Of Style yet?
Well, you just did.
Here’s what you need to know–their products are ridiculously inexpensive and ridiculously cute.
I’ve been lusting over pretty much every freaking item for awhile..and then one magical day I got a discount code and thought “that’s my sign..I must buy everything from that site right this minute”
So I pretty much did just that….
And here is what I walked away with.
And my life is now complete.
Guess what?
Yours can be too.
Just because I love you I will share that discount code with you good lookin’ peeps.
Enter code 0512 at the checkout and get 10% off  the already fabulous prices.
Remember–FREE shipping on all orders to the US.
Could life get any better than that?

Yes. Yes it could.

Which is why I am also offering one of you a chance to win a $20 gift certificate to Cents of Style.

Here is all you have to do:

Follow Living In Yellow

Additional Entries:
Like Cents of Style on Facebook
Follow Megan’s {the lovely Cents of Style consultant offering the giveaway} blog here 

Share this giveaway via Twitter, Facebook, Blog, Your moms house, etc 😉
Good luck.
Happy Shopping. Happy Winning. Happy cuddling your husband who just got home from Canada.
Oh hey and look–3.2 minutes later {plus an hour} I am done.
I’m off to go pick sunflowers now. 


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