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Sarah Soda Part One

May 10, 2012


Erin Schrader

First off—props to my clever husband for the spelling of “Sarasota” in the title of this post.
He must’ve taken good notes when I named our San Diego album on Facebook “Sandy Eggo”.
Proof that men can be trained.

Anyhow—I have so much to share about our 5 day little getaway.
Which is pretty pathetic considering it was only 5 days.
I was not kidding when I said I took 563 photos. I may or may not be a little click happy.
Especially after Happy Hours.

This post could easily end up being as long as the great wall of China, however I am going to do my hardest to make sure that does not happen.
Meaning, it probably will be the length of the great wall. Maybe longer. I suck at sticking to original intentions.

Here we go yo.

Day 1: Thursday night. We flew. I drank wine beforehand.  It was the most enjoyable/calmest flight I have ever been on. I am not even giving full credit to the wine either.
I have Keith, chewed up gum, sparkly shoes, and these amazing clouds to thank for taking my mind off the fact I was 30,000+ feet in mid-air.

I mean seriously. Look at the beauty. I would fly every day just so I could see sights like that.
That was a lie. But really, it was gorgeous.

Speaking of gorgeous, our hotel wasn’t half bad either.

Day 2: Stocked up on the necessities at the nearest Whole Foods. Any Whole Foods lovers out there?

My husband HATED the store. In his defense, anything organic or healthy we are not used to. I may be partially to blame on that one.

We started at our hotel pool which looked like this.

And then we realized we would be much better off crashing another hotels pool. Which is what we did. We are so rebellious like that. Clearly we made a wise move. I mean duh. They had poolside food and drink service. Who doesn’t that excite?

Our evening was a simple delicious dinner out {using a restaurant.com gift card}. Yes, we searched for good deals before we went. We may be rebellious but at least we are thrifty.

Day 3: It was Cinco De Mayo. Why wouldn’t I begin the holiday by singing and dancing on the bed?

Yes, I realize. I should be ashamed of myself for posting such ridiculous pictures. But I am not.

We made our way to Siesta Key Beach {#1 beach in the US…represent} and crashed yet another hotel’s pool. We quickly made friends with the other 5 year olds splashing around and felt right at home.

Margaritas, live music, and Mexican music obviously were on the agenda for the day.

As was a fabulous dinner out in downtown Sarasota and a 5 minute run through of Whole Foods where we {I} sampled everything in sight.

…….And I just realized this is getting to be pretty lengthy.
Come back Friday for the rest of the trip ya heard?
See you then lovers.


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