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March 24, 2012


Erin Schrader

If you are visiting from Heather’s sweet blog, Aloha.
No I am not Hawaiian.
I’m Indian.
Which means I’m from Indiana.
But we don’t necessarily have our own word for “hello” so I’ll stick with Aloha. It kinda makes me feel like I have a Mai Tai in my hand, and while it is only 8:30 am..a Mai Tai sounds mighty good right now.
If you aren’t visiting from Heather’s blog but wonder what I am doing on this girl named Heather’s blog {think justlove.ly things..yeah, that big shot} you can find out over here.
It may or may not have something to do with my top 7 looks for Spring.

Before you go running off anywhere, I have somebody very very special to share with you today.
You may recall here when I talked about babies and what our “plan” is.
From that post I received many emails from readers who have either gone through the adoption process, or are in the process of bringing a baby home.
This lovely little lady happens to be in the process of bringing a baby home and needs our help.
I hope and pray that you read through her post and then ask yourself how you can help if you feel called to do so.

I thank you in advance for your love and support for this brand new little baby of theirs.
Eeeeeeek how exciting.
I love me some little toes and fingers. Oh, and lips and cheeks. Have you ever kissed those things?
I’m kind of a pro at it.
Just sayin’.

Told you.
Okay fine, I will stop bragging about my kissing abilities.
Lindsey, the floor is yours.
Hello lovely LIY blog readers!

My name’s Lindsey and I blog over at Arms Open Wide! I blog about all sorts of fun stuff like my two precious girls, Makayla and Addison.

They pretty much rock my socks off. I’m a stay at home mom so life can be a little boring and mundane sometimes, what with all the dishes and laundry I’m doing. But, we decided to spice things up a bit and adopt our third child from Ethiopia! We are in the waiting stages right now and let me tell you, it is a LONG wait. But one that is totally worth it!

We have seen God move more in the past year than ever before. It’s been an amazing journey to say the least. You can check out more about our adoption journey and all the fun we’ve had while fundraising here. Seriously, it has been a blast to find new and creative ways to raise money for the massive amount of funds that adoption costs.
We’ve raised over $22,000 in less than a year!!
I’m telling you, it’s been amazing to watch God work this all for His Glory!

And more recently, since we clearly don’t have enough going on with two little munchkins and another one from across the world to prepare for, I am going on my first ever mission trip to, you guessed it, Ethiopia!!

I am beyond excited and beyond nervous. I have no idea what to expect, but I know it’s going to be good. I can’t wait to step foot on the country that our third babe has been (will be?) born in and to serve the people of this beautiful country. As of yesterday, I am fully funded for my mission trip! Praise God…He showed up big for that, too!!

Here’s where you beautiful readers come in…we are still raising money for our adoption in the midst of me preparing for my trip that is a mere 10 weeks away. We have a little less than $9,000 to raise to be fully funded for our adoption! Yes, that would make us fully funded and mean that we have raised $30,000 in the past year! I would be honored if every LIY reader donated just $5 each to help us reach that goal! That’s giving up one Starbucks for just one day to help us bring our child home that is living halfway around the world! How awesome would it be to be a part of that, am I right? You can very easily donate to us on ChipIn here:

Or maybe jewelry’s more your thang? Well, lucky for you pretty ladies, I have two different places that you can buy some gorgeous jewelry and support our adoption at the same time! How fabulous is that?

First, I am having a trunk show with Noonday Collection! 10% of my total sales will be given to me for our travel expenses for our adoption! So, if you’re interested in buying something from this great company, that supports artisans all over the world, then click that link and when you’re checking out, be sure to put my name, Lindsey Crockett, in the special instructions section.

Want to see some of the beautiful things they have? Here’s a little sneak peek:

And the next place you lovelies can purchase some fabulous items is at Delicate Fortress. This one is a little tricky because my fundraiser with them is only during April 4th-10th. During checkout be sure to use the coupon code ‘CROCKETT’ and 30% of all sales will go towards our adoption! Remember it’s only during the week of April 4th-10th! They have some amazing stuff! Wanna see?

That’s it! You can follow my blog to stay up to date on my mission trip and our adoption!
Pretty sure Erin’s blog is THE BEST and I’m totally not just saying that.  This chick has got me cracking up on the daily, yo. Thank you so much, Erin! And thank you so much to every single beautiful reader! Our story would not be a story if it weren’t for fabulous people like you that support us!!

This little girl thanks you in advance for her little brother or sister.

As you can tell, she is a wee bit excited about it.
I hope that we can far exceed Lindsey’s hopes from this blog post.
And then I hope she shares us all pictures of that little babe.
And maybe even let me babysit that little one for a night or two.
I make some mean scrambled eggs in the morning for tiny tots.
Told you.
Well friends, I am off to go play in the city of Chicago.
Stay tuned for lots of pictures and funny stories.
Or so I hope.
Happy Weekend.

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