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True Life: I am A Dress Hoarder.

March 7, 2012


Erin Schrader

Where do I even begin with you people?
Oh right–
Thank you.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Thanks for the tweets, emails, comments on Facebook, and comments on previous blog posts.
I want to take all of that love you gave to me and throw it right back atcha.
Love. Love Love.
Moving on though.
I can only be serious for so long.
Writing about meaningless, superficial things seem to be way more enjoyable.
I figured the best transition to move away from blog hate was to do an outfit post.
So, you remember last week when I showed you a picture of the new goods I got from Forever 21?
Well a few of you said “Lets see those goods!!”
Like in action.
So I did what any dedicated blogger would do.
I went to my husband, camera in hand, no shirt on, and said
“Here. Take a picture please.”
This caused utter confusion and chaos for a brief second.
“What?! Why? No. What?!”
“It’s for the blog. My readers want to see the goods.
Just take the freakin’ picture.”
…Then he had to explain to me that the goods y’all were referring to were the dresses.
Got it.
That could have been awkward.
So here are those goods.
My goal was to take them outside.
And then the wind decided it wanted to blow at 45 mph.
Needless to say, the kitchen won out.
Lets take a look.
{outfit one}
{outfit two}
{outfit three}
And that’s that.
Please oh please, tell me your favorite.
And then tell me—which one should I wear on my upcoming Chicago trip?
A trip that I am holding on to every hope I will meet my girl Giuliana.
And wine and dine with her. And then take her out on the town to dance the night away.
Please note I said hope.
As in, it’s not going to happen.
If it was to happen—which dress should I be in?
Homegirls gotta look good ya know?
I’d love to hear it.
Oh and hey—have I mentioned yet how much I love you guys 😉
Happy Thursday Little Bits.
Ps. All you emailers/commenters-I will respond. As soon as my brain tells me
“It’s okay—just sit down for a solid hour and do it. You can do it”
Sometimes me and sitting still behind a computer don’t do so well together.

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