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March 20, 2012


Erin Schrader

So I realize today is Tuesday which means it is supossed to be my new series–Dear Erin,
Well guess what.
Not today folks.
You see, the Dear Erin, questions take concentration and effort when answering.
Right now I have neither of the two.

It could be because I can hardly breathe out of my nose thanks to some cold or whatever annoying thing it is going on inside my head.
Or it could be because I am totally covered, and I mean covered, in paint right now.
Pretty sure I have more paint on me than the walls.
And you think I’m kidding.

Told you.
It’s a good thing I keep getting things in the mail {daily} for this soon to be office that make the painting worth it. Like today’s pretty little items that showed up on my doorstep.

Pillowcase: Little Miss Momma//Print: Parada Creations 

With that being said, I keep having all of these things pop in my head that I think “Crap. I need to get that on the blog…” and then I forget to write it on the blog. So today, we are doing just that.
A housekeeping of sorts. Except we’ll call it Blogkeeping. Because it’s a blog and all.

1. There happens to be quite a few giveaways going on right now. It also turns out that I didn’t put an end date on any of them. Sometimes I suck at giveaways. Just throwin’ that out there. I made the executive decision to end them all….this Thursday. Meaning you have like 48 hours to get your hot buns entered in the following:

2. There are two discount codes currently being offered on Living In Yellow.

  • My dear friend Erika at Rogue & Whimsy just came out with her new color-blocked totes. 
And for you lucky readers she is giving you 10% off with the promo code LAUNCH. Find them here.
3. You may remember when I showed off this print from Pickle Doodle Designs?
Well you may also remember how you were able to get a FREE Spring printable for liking Pickle Doodle on Facebook and Twitter. Guess what. She is giving each of you THREE FREE printables.
To receive your free 8×10 print, all you have to do is click on the link under each picture and download or save it. You can then have it printed at your local office supply store for like a dollar or less. So cute I can hardly stand it.

4. Phew. Last but not least, it is time to make a call for April sponsors. Fortunately, most all of my spots are full. However, there are still Medium spaces available. If you would like to book yours for April, email me at livinginyellow@gmail.com. If you are like me and like to go big or go home, you can book your spot for May as they are starting to fill up as well. You can find all information here.
Here is a few words from past and current sponsors on their experience with Living In Yellow:
“I’m so glad I chose to sponsor your blog. Honestly, it was one of the best choices I’ve made since I started blogging. You were the top referring site. All of my new readers who found my blog through yours are spectacular and so sweet. I am so thankful for the experience.” Natalie-Living & Learning
 “I just want to thank you again for letting me guest post on your blog.  I seriously have been overwhelmed by the response from your readers.  They are so sweet and sincere and I can see why you love them all so much!  The whole thing has been such a positive experience for me and I will sing praises to your name forever!  You definitely have got a loyal fanbase and thank you times 1000 for sharing them with me!” Bonnie-Life Of Bon
…I think what they are trying to say is that my readers rock. Yes, its true. You do.
K guys. And gals. My head feels much clearer now. Thank you for allowing me to dump all of this on  you. Because you were such good sports about it, I will leave you with a little quick easy recipe that I made the other night. It’s a little something I like to call a Black Bean Quesadilla
Here’s the deal–all you have to do is take a whole wheat tortilla, rub some butter on one side, load the other side with black beans, green peppers, onions, and shredded cheese, put the butter side down on a piece of aluminum foil, throw it on the grill for 5-8 minutes, and wa-la.
You have a tasty, healthy, dinner.
Happy Tuesday lovers. Go make it a good one. 

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