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Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas

October 11, 2011


Erin Schrader

You were so so good to me.
I can truly say you rocked my world.
Unfortunately, you took that meaning a little too literal for me on our last day:
{No this was not a wave pool. Just the effects of sailing through 15-20 foot waves. NBD}
Regardless, I have much to be thankful for from you.
First off-thank you for your beauty that abounded everywhere my little eyeballs looked.
Whether it be in Central Park
The Boardwalk
The Royal Promenade
The Adult-Only Solarium
or heck-even the Casino
It was all so spectacular.
Thank you for your Heavenly hot tubs that kept me {and the man} happy at all hours of the day
My bones needed you and are so lucky to have found you.
Thank you for stopping in the Bahamas so my husband and I could trek all over the Atlantis Resort.
I loved all the fishies.
Oh, and I loved the perfect photo op’s Nassau provided around town.
Because just 500 pictures wouldn’t have been enough…
Thank you for also stopping in St Thomas.
Even though I swear the boat ride over to St John was going to kill me-it was so so worth it.
I have never seen such beauty.

Nor have I ever looked cuter in snorkel equipment.

Take me back now.
Thank you for making your final stop in St Martin.
I needed the 1+ hour nap that the beaches provided me.
And the free rum punch.
I didn’t however need to see the adult men butt naked who fail to groom themselves down below.
Or maybe I did?
Somehow, I still managed to have an appetite and dine at one of the coolest eating spots I’ve ever been to.
Gourmet food directly on the beach?
Yes please.

And Whoa momma….
I just realized that if I put everything that I wanted to in this one post,
 it could possibly be the longest blog ever written by one person.
While I am all for winning awards-I’m not sure you want to be reading this for another 21 hours.
Soo..I just decided that the rest of this post is going to appear tomorrow.
So get some rest and come back tomorrow for what is left.
You don’t want to miss it =)
Love you little bits.

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