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Capturing YOUR Joy

August 26, 2011


Erin Schrader

How happy am I that today is Friday?
Thhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiisssssss Happy.
That’s like a lot of happy there kids.
This week has been such a whirlwind and exhausting to say the least…
I am most definitely welcoming this weekend with wide open arms and the biggest kiss ever.
Yeah, something like that.

Before I get into all the joyful pictures for the week-I have to say “Thank You“.
You have NO idea how much your comments meant yesterday…to both me and my family.
My dad read them lying in his hospital bed and had tears coming down his cheeks.
There are not many times in my life I have seen my dad not able to talk because he is so choked up.
When people feel other’s love for them…it is one of the most beautiful & moving things.
Your support and prayers mean so much more than I could ever put into words.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So now that I have turned into a weeping willow once again…
{Like seriously, my baby ranking knocks anybody else’s out of the park…}
No, that doesn’t mean I am having a baby-it means I act like a baby.
Got it?
K, back to why I started this post today…
To show off all the joyful pictures for the week and for YOU to link up!
Woop Woop.
As promised-today I am featuring YOU superstar photographers and the incredible photos you have linked up over the past couple of weeks.
Ya’ll have some mad talent. Let the games begin…

Told ya they were incredible.
I could learn a thing or two from each of you.
Because I can’t post like 9 million and 800 thousand pictures-I had to select just a few.
For those of you who were not pictured above-your time is coming.
But in order for that to happen..You have to keep playing along 😉
{I’m so sneaky sometimes}
You know the drill-link up belowput this button your blog:
and party on party people.
As for my party-I will probably be gettin’ down somethin’ fierce in the hospital this weekend.
Speaking of-I asked my mom if I could sneak a drink in to my father while he is recovering.
She thought it wasn’t such a good idea.
I’ll decide 😉
Just kidding kids. Don’t fret.

Love each and every one of you.
Don’t you forget it either.

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