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Miscellany Monday: Back & Ready To Attack

July 11, 2011


Erin Schrader

Happy Monday Gang.
It’s that time again for Rando McRandomson to show up on this little bloggy blog.
Lets welcome Rando shall we?
1. Do any of your men find it necessary to imitate dead carcass’s lying on the side of the road?
I really can’t think of a more attractive thing than seeing your husband act like the dead raccoon that is curled up along the side of the road.
For some reason, mine thinks I like it.
Just wait til the vomit hits his shirt next time.
{weird opener huh?}
2. In other news, that same carcass imitating husband of mine gave birth this weekend.
Turns out it’s a boy and his name is:

That baby was big but he managed to push it out-
no meds required.
I just nominated him to handle all of the other child birthing that will go down in this house.
Everybody please say “Hi little Harley..goochie goochie goo”.
I always knew we’d have the cutest kids on the block.

3. Have I mentioned how much I love Coral?
Oh hey guys-My name is Erin and I love coral.

You can guess which coral I was referring to.
4. Remember how I said in this post I can’t wait for our house to look like a mini zoo?
Guess who got a glimpse of just that recently:
I love little Monkeys.
5. My brain is acting like it can’t actually think of a random thought right now to write about.
All it concentrate on is that Chipotle sitting in my refrigerator waiting to eat it…
Be right back people.
6. Thank you sweet lovers for waiting.
{Yes, it is 9:45 pm and I just walked away from the computer..heated up Chipotle and am devouring every morsel of it. What’s that rule about no carbs 3 hours before bed?
Bite me.}
7. I think I could use a new hair dryer?
The sparks that were flyin’ off of it this morning might’ve been trying to give me a hint.
8. I had the pleasure of photographing to two beautiful balls last night.
Told ya they look good.
Do you need a photographer to capture your balls?
Contact me-I’d be honored.
Ha, I kid I kid..
Couldn’t resist people 🙂
K, that’s all for now Reader McReaderson’s.
PS. How absolutely annoying is it that the “Follow” button decides to show it’s face like 50% of the time on here?
I’m not sure who gave it the idea it can only work part-time but it certainly wasn’t me.
Punk is about to get fired.
If for some reason you can’t sleep at night knowing that you want to follow me but you can’t because little miss Follow is taking the afternoon off, leave me a comment.
I’ll be sure to holler your way when she comes back from vaca.
Love you bird brains.
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